A Worldwide Look At Nissan

Nissan has been updating their factories (which they call “powerplants”) for 2020. They have needed to work on the CVT transmission as there have been accounts of shaking and stuttering.

The Versa Note has a hatchback rather than the SUV shape most associated with Nissan but it is still defined. The latest model has overcome the handling problem, according to reviews. It has various extras such as blind spot monitoring allowing you to see the tricky areas. Its only available in manual transmission but it has a great interior.

Altimas sold well in the January–March period but wasn’t as successful in the next two quarters, beaten by other cars. Altima is regarded as a midsize car for a commuter to use, not as an especially sporty car. Nissan is at the top price point in each class so they can be expected to rise and fall with the economy in each market and the US economy stalled in April.

Rogues have a similar story beaten by cars such as the Toyota. Still they are doing relatively well. Now in the third generation, this vehicle has been available since 2007.

In Europe and Asia the Rogue is known as the X-Trail. The only place that Rogues and X-Trails are made is Mexico. First made in 2000, the X-Trail was marketed as a cross-over SUV.

It appears that Nissan might be scaling back on the European market by selling the Barcelona plant but keep the British one.

The 2020 Nissan Rogue Sport previewed at the 2019 Chicago Show with two new colors for Nissan; Monarch Orange Metallic and Nitro Lime Metallic. It came with a 141 horsepower engine as well as Safety Shield Technology.

The Rogue Sport initially sold in the UK as the Dualis but it is now known as the Qashqai. It is all about adapting to the audience. The Nissan Juke didn’t work in the USA and was discontinued in 2017. It was marketed as a sports crossover designed for young males, which makes sense for a car with sporty elements. Its replacement was the Nissan Kicks with it’s new additions such as electric power steering which is also responsive.

Another big player, The Nissan Murano looks rugged butit’s built for a comfy ride, especially given its large rear seats and its luxury filled front seats. It’s actually not much of an off-roader.

The Nissan Leaf’s big selling point is a philosophy of zero emissions tailpipe. It comes in two versions, the Leaf and the Leaf e+, the latter allowing for a longer charge, up to 239 miles on a 69 kWh battery while the Leaf can manage 168 miles on a 40 kWh battery. This may change according to which speed you drive, whether you drive on the freeway or less well-maintained roads or whether you are driving in the winter or the summer.

The Nissan Sentra is performing well too. When it came out in 1982 it was a subcompact (a car smaller than a compact) but over those intervening years it has been reclassified as a compact.

When it comes to the Nissan, whether you are talking about the US or somewhere else in the world, they definitely have a number of strong players.

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