Beyond Supercars


Op-Ed by P. Wimsett

What exactly is a supercar? It’s one of the big luxury names: Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghi as well as more contemporary names. The name is applied to automakers with a long reputation and a focus on strong engine roadsters. This piece is not talking up the middling cars, so much as talking down what many talk of as “the best of the best.”

There’s a jet-like nature in some of these cars–especially in the headlights (many of these car manufacturers are behind the construction of private planes). No luxury car can ignore its interior, though customers might be divided on what type they want–artificial leather with all the trimmings may be preferred to standard leather style. Chances are, the supercars give you a better choice of interior, but there’s no reason affordable cars couldn’t compete.


It’s inevitable that you find these types of cars attempting to break land speed records; not that you should try this on the road, obviously! It’s likely a marketing stunt, but it makes us yearn for the luxury cars.

So, what is my beef with supercars? Is it a permanent version of the “new car syndrome,” the fear of getting damaged so it’s only pulled out on special occasions? Is it possible that they are too much muscle? Is it that they are simply priced beyond what’s reasonable for a budget lifestyle?

No, the problem is one of compromise, you spend all that money and you still can’t “have it all.” Why, if I spend $150,000 and up, should I be making so many concessions.

Fiat and Porsche are defined as mid-engine, meaning that the engine can be found between the front and rear axle, which should improve handling. Usually supercars place the engine under the hood.

Because passenger space is so compromised the mid-engines are no good for family cars, something they have in common with most supercars, it’s just designed in. It does mean that these cars are easier to brake due to the back wheel having much more weight. (Depends on rear wheel drive or 4-wheel drive.)

Other requisites of a supercar is a vehicle which has turbo acceleration (an impressive 0 to 60 rate). That’s what you are buying: an impressive pick-up in terms of speed.

Affordable Supercar-like Cars

Or possibly you could take a look at sedans, at contours, something with a more manageable price than the top of the market cars. It doesn’t mean you should give up the idea of owning a roadster altogether.

Dodge Chargers and Jaguar XE are sedans to look out for as well as Alfa Romeo and the Cadillac CT6-V. On a racetrack these can shift at speeds such as 190-200 MPH, depending on model.

Yet most buyers prefer the higher ticket cars. It comes down to prestige, how a car looks, rather than what a car can do.

One thing you don’t receive with lesser cars is complementary products, the Porsche 911 has just arrived on the market and comes with a free watch, which mimics the 1919 “Globetime.” We’re talking about highly expensive toys here and the promoters will do everything in their power to reel you in. If you’re a prestige conscious buyer then there is a car for you.

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