The Black & White of Car Choices

The most popular car color depends on the make and model of the car, which tends to be limited by the types of colors offered by the manufacturer. However, the two most popular colors of car overall are black (22%) and white (19%).

White Cars

Some people think they look cheap, others think they look girly. There’s a feeling that the people who own them are pristine and direct, though for some people direct can mean cynical or over-honest. White has become popular due to its link with technology, white i-phones, i-pads and so on. They keep in more of their heat during a hot day.

If you have a white car you may need a glaze as well as a wax to increase the brightness. Any car needs wax to remove scratches from the surface and a white car is no exception.

If you wish to paint a car white you should know there are various paint shades on the market, apart from “Pearl White” which is a metallic white most whites could be thought of as a conventional white with various shades of brightness, “Ermine White”, “Artic White” and so on. Care must be taken when handling car paints as they contain solvents as well as being awkward to apply.

Popular white cars on the market according to online marketer “Car Shop” include Ford Fiestas and Ford Focuses (which you may associate with single people, especially males?) as well as Vauxhall Corsas and Astras. It seems that white is also a popular color for pickups, vans, and minivans.

Black Cars

A black car owner in contrast is much more rebellious and possibly dangerous, don’t want to be dull or normal, even if the most famous black car, the Model T, was only black due to convenience. The owners of a black car may have a feeling of confidence and sophistication or want to be seen as such.

Strangely enough, black cars are the hardest to keep clean. It’s not a good choice for someone who drives a great deal through mud. Black cars heat up the interior more, 130 degrees F as opposed to 113 degrees F in a white car.

The blackness enhances the shape of the car, making it appear bigger and smoother.

Black cars should be waxed every three months to keep in peak condition, otherwise swirling can form. Buffing can remove scratches but can also get rid of wax.

The Vantablack is the world’s blackest black paint, less reflective than the usual black paint; more than 99% of the light is absorbed.

It has the uncanny feel that you are staring at a car which isn’t there, we’re not used to a black that can absorb so much light. Without the visual cues of the reflection the headlights seem to hang in mid-air, an optical illusion.

Although it will be hard to get your hand on a car painted in Vantablack there are a number of best-selling black cars out there. Black is the most popular color for coupes, followed by sport cars. After black and white the next popular color tends to be brown, though a small minority are more experimental with their choice of color, especially those who buy cars when they first come out. As well as looking for a “reliable engine,” owners tend to look for a “reliable color” and black or white achieves that.

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