What is a Performance Car?

Porsche Cayman

A high performing car is obviously about speed, but also it needs to be able to use that speed safely. This kind of vehicle gives more power and acceleration (the 0-60 rate) than its weight would suggest. To be considered a performance car a vehicle needs to be above average in such variables as acceleration, reaching a top speed, braking and cornering.

Deep Dive on Cornering

Cayman who runs Porsche has explained the process of cornering as merely changing directions at speed – in other words having strong and quick reacting controls (which includes but it is not limited to steering) so you can change your mind in an emergency.

An essential part of performance cars is the power-to-size ratio. The performance car tends to have sporty, bigger engines. This trend can be traced back to Carrol Shelby who designed both Corvettes and Mustangs during his career.


Performance Cars vs Supercars

The most well-known performance cars today are Porsche, McLaren and Ferrari, known as supercars, but Dodge is definitely an up and coming alternative. The Dodge Challenger and the Dodge Charger are two cars which can reach 200 mph and are more economical than the Ferraris of the world. So, a supercar is a performance car but a performance car is not automatically a supercar. The difference isn’t just price but things like custom made performance features in the case of a supercar vs factory made performance cars that are a little more practical in fuel economy and street legality.

Comfort and Amenities

A surprising thing about performance cars is lack of comfort. They tend to be much more about power and grip. The vehicle needs to be aerodynamically sound, so as to get rid of any bit of friction. They are known to for their strong suspension and the traction force on the tires. So in layman’s terms they will always look cool but seldom have a smooth ride or comfy seats.

Notable Performance Cars

Looking at the Dodge Charger you will see a sports sedan which makes it not as popular as its coupe rivals or the Ferrari types referred to, but it does have eight cylinders. Most coupes (two door vehicles) have a more classical look but if you require something more modern the Charger could be suitable for you.

The Toyota Supra has a six-liter engine which reaches 0-60 in 40 seconds. The Brembo brakes are one of the top selling points, they are one of the leading manufacturers of high performing brakes.

For those looking at a front wheel drive vehicle there is always the Honda Civic (R type) though it also has 4×4 controls. Is it the type of car associated with boy racers? Not necessarily, it has some space for the driver and passengers and a feeling of luxury. It’s just this one may not be a family car.

Giulia Quadrifoglio

Giulia Quadrifoglio has similar elements, a twin turbo and a rear wheel drive. The idea was to develop a new performance car for Alpha Romeo based on the Ferrari 458 Speciale platform. It has a host of extras from the Ferrari including carbon fibre on the hood. Not surprising since they borrowed a lot of Ferraris design team to create it.

In conclusion

What is considered high performance is constantly changing. Should you wish to improve the handling, braking or acceleration you can obtain performance parts. It is important that the part you purchase is correct for your make of car – you may know these extras as “aftermarket car parts,” it’s a phrase mentioned earlier in these articles. If you’ve had the car a few years it’s more likely to need these replacement parts.

Essentially a performance car is a sporty car which is designed to maximize your enjoyment; some could be described as “a car and a half” but all are about obtaining pleasure behind the wheel.

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