Car Must Haves and Wants

These are merely a few ideas found online of what drivers seem to think important in their vehicle. You may have a different opinion on the subject, but online survey respondents found these items useful.

Heated Seats

Heated car seats are useful on a cold day. You can fit heated seats on cloth seats or leather seats, but it can dry out the leather. It creates what is known as toasted skin syndrome, a type of rash which occurs on the thighs when you have this addition.


When it comes to music it’s important to be able to download the latest tracks. You can have several car music mixes but the real enjoyment comes from making your own. As well as MP3 players and Apple CarPlayer products, there’s also USB thumb drives which allow not just listening to downloaded music but also you can watch cartoons or movies on a video screen. They can only be used when the car is not moving. Presumably back seat passengers can use their own audio or video system.

Passive Entry

You may not have heard it being called passive entry. It’s just being able to enter the car without keys. It’s also known as Remote Keyless Entry or Keyless Enter ‘n’ Go. It uses a key fob which acts as a low-frequency transmitter which saves you from you looking for the keys.

Keyless entry tends to be combined with push button start, which is understandable as it is a keyless operating system. In order to convert to a keyless entry the hot wires need to be replaced by a professional.

Emergency Braking/Collision Warning

Automated emergency braking is a system which allows the braking to happen without placing force on the brake. Should braking prove impossible it reduces the force of the impact, though this shouldn’t be confused with a forward collision warning which provides a visual or audible cue but it’s up to the driver to brake.


It’s useful to have things to help organize your car such as a mobile phone holder or an organizer for the trunk – the most useful of which have Velcro at the bottom to allow you to keep it from shifting in transit.

Other storage space can be obtained by having a cargo box on the roof, but it always feels like you have to open it from the side of the car you aren’t on. Recently some units allow you to open it up from either side of the car, which is really handy and in some cases safer. Be sure the latch system is in good condition if buying a used cargo box because opening spontaneously in transit is a bad thing.

Car Offices

If you have to eat or drink at the wheel or even use a computer (it should go without saying when the car is not moving) you could always invest in a “wheel desk” – the double-sided ones have a cup holder on one side and on the other side a flat plane to write on. You laugh when we suggest no using these while driving but one early maker of these devices used computer graphics to put a driving scene in the window of their add which sponsored a ton of hilarious comments in their product review section. Things like “I’m so much more productive, how did I live without…ah…ohh lord…ouch.”

Windscreen Covers

If you don’t wish to spend time scraping ice off the window, try a windscreen cover. The best ones only take a few moments to attach.

Cup Holders

Okay, it’s been a few years since anyone touted the cupholders as a feature of a car, but hey, it’s a classic.

If you have a cup holder, why not go the whole hog and get yourself a coffee maker that runs off your cigarette lighter (such as the Handpresso Auto)? Well, for one thing they offer only a tiny shot of coffee so they aren’t that practical. For another, you could just stop for a drink at a cafe with the added bonus that it also breaks up your journey. But who are we to judge?

Hopefully you found the above list useful whether you purchase something new for your car or not.

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