Various Marks On Your Car

When your “pride and joy” gets damaged, what do you do? Well, it depends on the damage; a scuff mark caused by paint should be treated with a compound and a scratch remover, rub it over with a towel. Another thing people suggest against scratches is toothpaste which acts as a gentle abrasive and helps remove the scratch. Unfortunately, toothpaste won’t work if the paint layer is damaged.

Damaged Paint

Paint is easily damaged because it’s applied in three layers-the clear coat, the second layer and the undercoat. The outer layers don’t bond to each other perfectly which allows paint to come off in chips or in flakes.

The clear coat is what protects the car from both UV rays and heat from the sun. When it starts peeling, (the technical name is delamination) you should first clear the area of general muck and apply strong sandpaper and deal with the region around the peel. Don’t apply substances like dishwashing liquid and you don’t want to do a car wash.


Scratch removers on the market generally work only when the scratches are not too far embedded into the paintwork. It’s a good idea to give it an all-over wax afterwards.

You can choose to repaint a scratch for aesthetic reason, but you only really need to if you can see the metal peeping through, so it takes quite a deep scratch—deep enough that you should just get a pro to do the repair.

The paint may oxidize causing a stain which appears chalky and blotchy; the color will fade around the stain. It’s usually caused by the car being left out for a couple of months. It can be fixed by an item called a “clay bar” or simply leave it indoors or use a car cover.

Avoiding Scratches

There are several things you can do to avoid scratches.

  • Don’t apply pressurized water too vigorously. You should keep applying wax so the car will be less likely to pick up debris.
  • Park as carefully as possible, if you park in a driveway you are less likely to get scratches. Avoid driving too close to hedges or tree branches though if you are on a narrow road, you may be left with little choice.
  • Even car washes can create a scratch effect.

If you drive on a dirt track or large alley you run the risk of small rocks or other debris hitting the car so it’s always best to take it slowly.

Swirls in your Wax

If you polish a black car it is likely to create a swirl design over its surface, though it is usually only noticeable close up or in extreme sunny conditions. To avoid this, use a towel rather than a sponge, anything which doesn’t abrade the surface. If you must use sponges make sure they aren’t too dirty or too old as it will aggravate the problem. The best way to avoid this swirling is probably not to have a black car at all but it’s up to you.

A perfect car is attractive to look at, but you can overdo the cleaning. So you’ll need to balance your need for clean with your need to preserve your paint job.

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