Best of the Web: F9 Movie Review

When it comes to movies we all have our tastes. Frankly every critic out there has a guilty pleasure. For every wife laughs at my thin plotted action films her husband watches there is a husband biting his lip as he sits through his wife’s critically acclaimed docu-romance. You know the ones where the male love interest is a lawyer turned cop turned surgeon turned Navy Seal–the strong silent type who can communicate. Totally believable!

Well cars have become item #3 on the controversy list after religion and politics. Many of us love them passionately and many of us think they’re going to kill us all (perhaps quickly through an accident or perhaps slowly through climate change.)

Here is an entertained review of the latest installment of Fast and Furious by someone who would never see such a film. Yes, number 9 in the series, so they are popular, and pretty easy to make fun of, and not known for redeeming social virtue. I see a pattern, but, judge for yourself.

Click here for the Review.

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