These Military Programs Help Veterans Afford Reliable Cars

With millions of veterans retuning home each year, there is always a need for reliable resources that create an ease in returning to civilian life. Veterans often encounter hardships in obtaining basic needs like housing, employment, or even owning a reliable car. Having access to a reliable car is a necessity in everyday life and there are military programs that aid veterans in affording a reliable car.

Veteran’s Affairs Automobile Allowance

The Veteran’s Association provides many useful resources for veterans, especially when they return home, injured and disabled. Through the Veteran’s Affairs Automobile Allowance, disabled veterans with service-connected injuries qualify for financial support to purchase a specially equipped vehicle. This allowance is specific to disabled veterans that are in need of financial support to purchase an equipped vehicle.

Progressive’s Keys to Progress Program

As one of the largest companies that provides insurance, Progressive has utilized their platform to give back and get involved through their Keys to Progress Program. Each year starting in May, veterans can request an application through a non-profit organization or through their VA Caseworker. After applications and need eligibilities are determined, recipients of this one-day giveaway event are selected in September and receive their vehicles by November. Since 2013, Progressive has honored many veterans and provided transportation support through this program.

Navy Federal Credit Union

Credit unions offer great opportunities to stay financially healthy. For veterans, the Navy Federal Credit Union provides good research, information on buying or financing, and all that is needed to protect a car. Having all the information for buying a vehicle in one place, this credit union provides ease and accessibility for veterans to afford a car. With low interest rates, affordable car insurance, and other great benefits for military life, the Navy Federal Credit Union helps veterans afford reliable cars.

United States Automobile Association

When purchasing a car, auto insurance rates can be intimidating. A way for veterans to get discounts and savings on auto insurance is through the United States Automobile Association.

The USAA caters to the military by providing vehicle storage, military installation discounts, and other benefits related to automobile needs. Their website also offers online financial assistance, and free car insurance quotes. When seeking the best options for military car insurance discounts, the USAA is a good place to look.

Private Lenders

Another option for veterans is to consider affording a reliable car through getting a loan with a low interest rate. Private lenders like Omni Financial , and Pioneer Military Credit offer auto and personal military loans with low-interest rates. When using private lenders, doing some research and comparison shopping is important. Having a car already in mind will help the process and determine which rates offer the most affordability in the long run for purchasing a car.

Extended Warranty

Lastly, car dealerships and manufacturers offer a wide variety of options when purchasing a car. For veterans, one of the benefits that these companies provide with purchasing a reliable car is an extended warranty. Car warranties often save a lot money for repairs and maintenance, but there is often fine print in the agreements. Car manufacturer companies like Toyota, Subaru, and Nissan offer military appreciation benefits and incentives with car purchases.

An easy way to find warranty agreements for cars, is through an internet search. Similar to the use of private lenders, extended warranties should also be reviewed and researched in order to determine the best offer for an affordable and reliable car.

Make Use of the Available Help

Although the stress of being in the military life can cause hardships, exploring military appreciation options will help a veteran get back into civilian life. Over the years, veterans’ benefits have become more resourceful, and have given veterans the opportunity to find a reliable and affordable car.

This post is brought to you by Tire Kickers a major supporter of US Armed Services Veterans and by Sending Our Support NW (SOSNW) a Nonprofit Foundation that helps vets access the assistance they earned from private and federal sources.

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