Exploring Wheels

A car or a truck would be nothing without wheels, we even call a car or truck a set of wheels. So, no prizes for guessing that we are talking about various wheel-related facts today.

First the hubcaps.

The hubcap is the small piece at the center of the wheel. Cars with alloy wheels are also known as center caps. They date all the way back to 1680 where they were known as dust caps or grease cover. They also cover the lug nuts – also known as lug bolts.

Most people don’t realize in may cars the rear wheel and the front wheel have different tire sizes. A wider wheel gives a better grip.

Monster Truck Wheels

Wheels that really stand out are the wheels of monster trucks. These must be 66 inches wide and 43 inches high, making them taller than the average person. They are made to fit 25 inch rims. They are really flotation tires and were originally used for tractors and other farm equipment. It takes about two days to prepare even one tire. They are also known as terra tires.

The trucks themselves it goes without saying have strong suspension and four-wheel drive. The first monster truck appeared in the 1970s.

Steering Wheels

If a steering wheel seizes up it may have something to do with the ignition lock. If it binds it may be due to a lack of power steering fluid, or possibly because it is dirty.

Is using a fingerprint lock to protect your steering wheel too much? There are ones on the market which can store up to 20 prints, which is only useful in the case of a community bus of some sort. Most vehicles – even trucks – tend to only have two drivers.


The spare tire is there in case of not only a flat but also a blowout or burst tire. A burst tire has the more technical name of “impact damage,” which may sound rather vague.

Some specialist tires which have the nickname donut or space saver aren’t seen as permanent tires and should be replaced as soon as you can. If you have a space saver fitted it is also advised not to drive faster than 50 mph just to protect the vehicle.

An external basket to place the spare wheel saves some space in the car. You should always make sure that it is in good condition in order to protect yourself if any of the wheels you regularly use need changing.

On the same subject don’t use a puncture repair kit – almost half of the population say they are unsatisfactory. The problem here is most people would rather keep a repair kit just in case it saves replacing the tire. The repair kit is not as useful as a spare tire so surprisingly these days most cars don’t include a spare tire as standard. How are you supposed to get back on the road without a spare tire? Well roadside assistance has become a popular option. Hopefully we’ve exhausted the topic of wheels for the moment, but only for the moment.

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