Extroverted and Introverted car Drivers

Introverts are more apt to be more focused and zen and less likely to show a carefree attitude. They are more likely to plan where they are going and leave the house early but this may not be a universal thing – there must be some introverts who don’t want to get where they are going and leave late?

When it comes to driving, the extrovert is prone to distraction and easily get into a situation that inspire road rage. They even become dangerous behind the wheel. They could possibly answer an “important text” thus putting their life in danger.

Many introverts recharge themselves behind the wheel. Though extroverts hate driving alone, the reverse is true of an introvert, it gives them a strong feeling of peace and exhilaration. So it’s important when they’re driving to leave them be.

Another thing you may notice is that the split second decision is less likely to occur with introverted types. Accidents occur by not just attempting to make a split second decision but also trying to reverse them. An introvert will continue on the wrong path if it keeps them safe even if it seems frustrating to the passengers in the car, an extrovert less so. But if you know anything about introverts this all seems like common sense. The surprising thing is just about to be revealed.

Surprising Thing about Introverts

The surprising thing is that introverts are likely to race cars. It surprises us because they are in the spotlight, watched by thousands of cheering fans. However, they are inside a car, with a helmet on and they perform in a much more focused way. Introverts are less likely to make any major errors behind the wheel and as any sportsman knows major errors is what may cost the win or in this case, risks their lives.

Are introverts confident enough to race though? Introvert extrovert is mainly about how you recharge and how you tend to prioritise your attention. There are those who lack confidence and those who are very bold. It’s not the same skills needed to make a speech or run a company. They need to rely on their own mind when making decisions though there is a bit of feedback from the crew. They have this ability to think before they speak and have this tendency to “zone out”. This seems a shocking way to drive but it does seem to work.

Car Buying

If you are an introvert you probably don’t want to deal with that many people so try to speak to a person you spoke to before and bring a dealer along with you. Bringing a mechanic with you would help a lot.

SUV, van and truck owners tend to be more extroverted. Sports cars are bought to gain a certain status, but introverts worry about their status as well.

A sports car doesn’t suit everyone but introverts may appreciate the smooth drive. Car handling tends to be a mixture of smoothness of speed so it would figure that the more mid-range person may talk about this, also known as an ambivert.

The introvert tends to look towards comfortableness and smoothness. We don’t associate performance cars with introverts but maybe we should.

The extrovert tends to like a bit of movement and a bit of music.

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