SSC Tualara

Hypercars are the most superior and high performance, not in one specific country, but also in the world. Very few cars can qualify as hypercars as they only make up 1% of the car market.

Presumably supreme models have always been with us, but the first one modelled as such was the Lamborghini P400.

The factors that make up the hypercar are the level of acceleration, rarity, handling, top speed, appearance and price. But there is always debate on whether a specific supercar is a hypercar.

A super car must be street legal and have a limited production run. To be a hypercar it must also have the ability to reach 300mph. It seems there was a debate on which was the first car to reach 300mph.

It is believed that SSC Tualara reached 331 mph on a highway in Nevada. But did it? Sceptics seemed to cast doubt as other sources said 316 mph. Even this record began to unravel in June 2021 when it was revealed that the car driven by Oliver Webb only reached 282.9 due to mechanical problems.


A further attempt to beat the record took place in Florida during April 2021 only to end in a crash. The damage was quoted to be “merely cosmetic”, i.e. only affected the outer bodywork. Still, it remains a powerful car thanks to its 1,750 horsepower and V8 engine.


The type of power that the hypercar uses has also changed. They have tended to be full hybrids, or part hybrids. A part hybrid is a vehicle which uses an electric motor to assist, but it doesn’t just rely on the electric motor.

SF90 Stradale


There are three models of Ferrari which can be described as hypercars: the LaFerrari, the LaFerrari Apeta and the SF90 Stradale. They are all iconic models of the Ferrari brand, so let’s take them one by one.

The LaFerrari comes equipped with a 150CV engine with a maximum power of 963CV. It originated from nine different concept designs in 2011 until finally the choices were narrowed down. The finished design was exhibited at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. In the three years of production only 499 cars were produced.

LaFerrari Aperta

The LaFerrari Aperta had a certain carbon hardtop with the radiators having a slightly changed position in order to alter the airflow and as a result the aerodynamics. When the first car was revealed in 2016 such was the demand that all the models had been bought out by private buyers.

The SF90 Stradale has a twin turbocharged engine with a maximum of 986 horsepower, including both the electric and traditional engine. You can unfortunately only drive in electric mode for 15 miles. The online sales pitch makes a big thing of the “forged wheels” (as they call them) with rotor blade hubs.

As well as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti, other hypercar makers include McLaren and Porsche. If you are a member of the elite obtaining a hypercar is surely one way to prove it to people, possibly the most visual way ever.

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