Driving Myths – Fact or Fiction?

There are a great number of myths about what is permissible behind the wheel. This piece aims to set the record straight.

To start with, it is not illegal to eat or drink at the wheel, but it is inadvisable. You need to be able to concentrate. It is also not illegal to have an interior light on while driving but it’s fairly distracting. A police officer may want you to turn it off, though they are unlikely to stop you for it.

It’s not illegal to drive with headphones or earphones on, though it may distract you from the sounds of the road.

Many drivers feel that a speed camera only catches you if it flashes. But there’s only a few types of speed cameras which work that way. The driver is merely attempting to reassure themself that things are fine, but it may not be.

It’s not so well that you will get done even if you go slightly over the speed limit. This is rather debatable, you are supposedly allowed to drive at 10% over the speed limit plus an additional 2mph. It’s best not to as you could still get a fine or penalty points.

Another speeding rule is that a learner driver can’t be charged as they only have a provisional license. In reality though points on your provisional license became points on your main license.

Because too many drivers are stuck at the lights there is a myth about these too; that you can go through a light if you let through an emergency vehicle. Sorry, no it’s too dangerous.

There’s some rule suggesting that you can’t get round a roundabout three times in a row but again it’s wrong. As long as you obey the traffic laws, you’re fine, but be sure to obey the highway rules.

As for what people feel is legal when it’s not is flashing your lights at someone to let them out. It’s possibly too distracting for other road users.

It’s not legal either to pull over to the side of an actual freeway to check a map or phone, even if it is a minor offence. It just puts you into a potentially dangerous situation.

A minor offense also is to drive a car which has snow on the roof, though on a cold day many people may be tempted to let it melt.

Many people believe that tailgating – not leaving sufficient space between themselves and the driver in front – is not an offense, though many would be annoyed if it happened to them. The actual space depends on the traffic conditions, the weather and so on. It is always best to be reasonable and observant to other road users.

Yet another thing people don’t know they are doing wrong is keeping to the middle lane. The problem here is that it can cause the traffic to seize up. Sticking to the inside lane and using the other lanes to other lanes is a better way to go, or at least more legal.

Now own up, how many of these did you believe were illegal? Or conversely thought were okay?

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