Why You Shouldn’t Pick Your Nose While Driving

There are a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t pick your nose while driving.

First, and most obvious, if you need to slam on the breaks your finger will tickle your brain in all the wrong ways.

The second reason you shouldn’t pick you nose while driving is that literally every millennial (and gen-whatever-comes-next) out there has a cell phone and a YouTube channel and would love to make you famous for your gold mining expedition in your prodigious proboscis on your way to that job you hate which is why you are mining for gold in the first place. Not a good look for your 15 minutes of fame.

The third, and possibly most compelling reason why you shouldn’t pick your nose while driving is that when you are making your eloquent speech to the judge as to why you shouldn’t have to pay for your photo-radar or red-light-camera ticket, you don’t want to have to keep asking them to pay attention to your speech, not the 10ft by 12ft photo of your spelunking in your nasal cavity while sailing past the camera.

So, in conclusion, the reasons why you shouldn’t pick your nose while driving are many, and varied, but all harken back to the old adage: if you don’t want it on Instagram, don’t do it in public.

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