Best Road Course Tracks Open To The Public

Road Atlanta Track

Road course tracks are meant for people who love to use their vehicles for sports. If you love driving around a track, you might be interested in learning which road courses are open to the public. You will find many courses closed to the public, leaving you feeling discouraged. However, there are a few around the U.S. that may be worth the trip just to test them out. Take a look at the best road course tracks open to the public for use.

Lime Rock Park

You may have heard of Lakeville, Connecticut, but if you haven’t, you should be aware that this town has America’s longest track. This is known as Lime Rock Park, and it is open to the public. It was built in the mid-50s and what makes this track so unique is that it was built with the natural terrain in mind. This construction makes it a more challenging track for racers.

Homestead Miami Speedway

Miami is one of the places most of us love to vacation. The beaches are lovely, the sun is hot, but on top of the fantastic weather is a massive speedway open to the public. In the south of Miami, you will notice a large track with a standard setup. This track hosts professional races and has days where anyone can use the track with their cars. It’s time you check out this road course in Miami.

Watkins Glen

You may have heard of “The Glen if you love racing.” It is one of the oldest race tracks in America. What you may not have known is that they host days where the track is open for the public to use. No matter who is driving, this track provides a good show because of the variety of elevations and straights on the track. It’s time to drive to Watkins Glen, New York, to view this amazing track.

Virginia International Raceway

This is a fun and budget-friendly track for the public to use in Virginia. It is also surrounded by beautiful vegetation. The broad fields and lofty trees are reminiscent of parts of the United Kingdom. Coincidentally, the track, with its narrow lanes and sharp curves, seems to reflect that. Therefore, if you find yourself in Alton, Virginia, with nothing to do, pay a visit to this fantastic road course.

Road Atlanta Track

Atlanta is known for being a city full of fun activities, but if you love cars and racing, there is a track waiting for you right outside the city. In the past, Road Atlanta has hosted several illustrious racing series and featured some of the sport’s greatest drivers. High-speed bends and straights are interspersed throughout the course to truly put a vehicle to the test. Use their rental service to receive a competent automobile, no matter what you drive.

Sonoma Raceway

Even though its road course is challenging, the oval course is also open to the public. Before going into Sonoma, California, it’s best to practice first. Although this is for all drivers, it is a challenging track to start with. If you are experienced, it can be fun, but this is not the course to practice on if you are inexperienced.

Circuit of The Americas

Everything’s bigger in Texas, right? Well, in this case, that statement may be right. Circuit of The Americas, also known as COTA, is one of the most well-built tracks in America and is occasionally open for the public to use. Austin, Texas, is one of the best places to go as a tourist and has a lot to offer anyone who loves to race.

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