April Fools & Cars

Andy Bunch

We take cars very seriously around here, but the rest of life we take with a grain of salt if at all possible. 

So on April Fools Day we need to dig deep and find some ways you can prank each other without wrecking someone’s pride and joy…and if possible avoiding any bodily harm is also a bonus.

Invisible Box

This first one comes to us from Moterist.com and requires a touch of acting ability. It’s called the invisible box.

Creepy Rear View

Valley Honda has something at least as new as back up cameras. You get a creepy photo and tape it over the back up camera. Not directly on, you need enough space for light to get in and get a little of the image into view. The picture below is Harry from Harry and the Hendersons. 

Selling their Car

For this next one we go back to the crazy’s at Morterist.com. Lets watch them put for sale signs on someone else’s car. 

You Got Wrapped

There are a dozen variations of this next prank, it’s not too original but sometimes the best pranks are when you take an original and make it your own. Here are some fun pics of people’s cars that were wrapped or covered in various materials (because these days who’s going to use TP, right?). Brought to you by Instructables.com


Wrench.com brings you another classic, especially if you’ve seen Jimmy Kimmel. It’s called overflowing objects, and the idea is to fill your friends car with gold balls, ping pong balls, or packing peanuts. Whatever you can get your hands on that won’t stain or break anything. The goal is to put your friend in a position to have to open the door and let it all flow out. 

Here’s your Sign

Another Classic Category is to write something on the car, or create a bumper sticker (preferably magnetic) that says something clever. If you take on one of these that’s been done a lot, put your own spin on it. Make it new or don’t waste your time. Here’s a few examples.

Forgotten Coffee

This prank is a little newer foam cup of coffee (empty obviously) to the roof of your car, and go for a ride. The trick is finding a way to glue it on without making it permanent. 

The Prize for Best Harmless Car Prank 

But the prize for best new harmless prank in a long time goes to Rayme Sciaroni

on pinterest for this rainbow view. The trick here is to get access to the inside of the car long enough to turn on the window wipers. Then you can simply unwrap some old crayons on a warmish day and watch for the fun when your friend turns on their car. 

As a Bonus

Here’s one you probably need some technical know-how to pull off, but it’s harmless and clever. 

One Last harmless one

Fill some balloons with helium and put them in your friend’s trunk, so that when they open them it all comes flying out. 

What NOT to Do!!!

From Love to Know, here are some great suggestions about what not to do. 

To keep things safe, stay away from the following pranks:

  • Never mess around with a car’s exhaust pipe. The exhaust system is sensitive, and plugging the exhaust pipe can lead to equipment problems or dangerous gas exposure.
  • Don’t put anything but gas in the car’s fuel tank. Foreign substances will damage the vehicle.
  • When pulling pranks on the outside of a vehicle, be careful what you put on the paint. Sticky substances and acids can damage a car’s paint job.
  • If you do anything with the car’s interior, be sure it won’t cause permanent damage or stains.

Okay One Last Bonus

If you have extreme technical knowledge…

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