RV Parks: The FUN Kind

Part 5

A Bunch

We spent far too much time talking about Trailer Parks (as in manufactured home parks) and not enough time talking about Trailer Parks as in RV CampGrounds and Resorts. So back to the fun. 

Locating Amazing places to vacation on the cheap (comparatively) is made easier by the existence of entire networks and associations of RV sites. Here are a few to consider whether you’re considering a summer vacation or a longer season of nomadic living. 

The US 

Nobody does RVing like the United States with over 13,000 privately owned RV parks and over 1,600 state parks that cater to RVers in the USA. Available for drop in or with reservations, you can easily use these locations to stay for a relaxing breather or as a way to work your way across the country without having to sleep in a new bed every night. 

Membership campground networks like Thousand Trails operate via joining the club. You pay a joining fee and typically annual fees as well. Then you get a timeshare arrangement for you and your RV. The two largest chains of campsites or KOA (Kampgrounds of America) and Jellystone (after the famous yogi bear). The Good Sam Club is the largest association of RVers who maintain a list of independent campgrounds they endorse. Which can be very helpful. 

Each of these outfits has better coverage in some areas than others so it’s quite possible you will need more than one association if you really want to be choosy in how you get where you want to go. 

On that topic, you can find online directories of RV campgrounds and resorts through:



Reserve RV


RV Parks & Campgrounds



The Dyrt 

If you intend to go off grid though, you won’t have access to wifi at all times. (Although some of the above operate as aps which may have “offline mode.”) If could be a good idea to seek an old school printed directory (you know the kind that are chronically out of date). 

Woodall’s Campground Magazine is the Gold Standard for RV lifestyle information. Equally as revered is Trailer Life Magazine. Before you become a “full-timer” you’d better spend some time reading up on “the life.” 

European Networks

The  Caravan Club is huge, with over one million users. Use them for mainland locations. 

Called Reisemobil-Stellplatz in German or Aire de Camping-car in French this more recent upstart operates in Germany, France, Norway and the Netherlands. There will be a language barrier for us Americans but google translate can get you quite a ways if you’re willing to take a chance.

In the UK you’ll get better results from Camping and Caravanning Club, a non-profit association of campgrounds with over 100 locations.  Pic Link https://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/dist/images/Camping-and-Caravanning-Club-Logo.svg 

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