5 Fun Road Trip Destinations

Whether solo or with a group or family, road trips are a great way to explore your inner self or bond with others while seeing the sights and attractions that can only be appreciated on the road. If you have just a few days or even a few weeks, there is bound to be a destination that will leave you in awe.

How to pick just one is likely the hardest part. Aside from the preparation and taking time away from obligations at home, the last thing you want to do is to drive for hours or days, only to be disappointed when you arrive.

Here are 5 Fun Road Trip destinations that might just be calling your name.

Fun in the Sun

Second, perhaps only to the infamous “Route 66”, the Pacific Coast Highway, or PCH as it’s known, is an iconic drive along the sunny beaches of California. Stretching over 600 miles between San Francisco and San Diego, any segment of the PCH is well worth the drive. A drive along its entire length takes just over 10 hours. However, the variety of sceneries and activities along the way might be worth selecting a shorter segment to match your interests.

Bonus: US Highway 101 (North Section)

If your time allows, continue north from San Francisco on Highway 101 through Oregon and Washington. The ocean will rarely be out of sight and is well worth the extra time.

To See the Greenest Greens

As its name implies, the “Emerald City” of Seattle offers some of the greenest scenery you will see, despite being a larger metropolitan area. It may seem odd to pick a large city as a driving destination. However, most of Seattle, including downtown, is divided into smaller neighborhoods where parking in one location in each, will provide plenty of side excursions, well within walking distance. The recently removed viaduct along the city’s waterfront has been replaced by many walking paths.

Bonus: Victoria, BC (Vancouver Island)

There are few places where being able to drive on another island is as easy as driving onto a large ship. A drive up the Olympic peninsula and across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Victoria, BC, provides even more diverse scenery with breathtaking seascapes.

Lighthouses and Airplanes

Another coastal adventure, on the opposite side of the US, is a trip along the Outer Banks in North Carolina. On this route, you will start at the famous Kitty Hawk, where the Wright brothers completed the first flight in a powered aircraft. From there, the relatively shorter route will take you along the scenic coast to Cape Hatteras to the historic lighthouses along the National Seashore. We highly recommended a convertible for this route.

Rolling Mid-America

Especially if taken towards the end of summer, the wildflower blooms along the Blue Ridge Parkway will create a lasting and perhaps unforgettable experience. The route, just under 500 miles, connects the Great Smokey Mountains to the Shenandoah National Park and Valley. Along the way, the rolling terrain that also includes a mix of rugged mountains is sure to have you stop often to just look at the sights. At the top of many of the higher hills and peaks, you might catch the fog filling in the valleys below, giving an almost celestial or floating background to the mountains.

Coast to Coast

Perhaps no other single road in the US can provide an opportunity to see more incredible diverse landscapes and sights, as the longest continuous interstate highway. At just over 3,000 miles, I90 is not a simple weekend road trip. But whether starting in Boston, Massachusetts or its opposite end in Seattle, Washington, completion of this epic trip will provide the gift of seeing almost everything the US has to offer. From the rugged Rocky Mountains to the plains of South Dakota and the coast of the Great Lakes, and ending at the famous Back Bay of Boston, this route could be one of your most memorable adventures. A vehicle such as a camper-van can make the trip all the easier by allowing rest wherever the scenery decides for you.

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