The Top Three Apps for Teen Driver Safety

And Why They are So Good for Parents

You’re not sure who’s more worried: you or your teen driver.

And it makes sense to worry since teen drivers are not the most reliable on the roadway.

In fact, did you know that crashes involving teen drivers are more often than not due to three critical errors: lack of scanning, speeding, and distractions?  

Fortunately, technology has made it easier for parents to enjoy peace of mind when their teens are behind the wheel. In addition to giving parents some control, driver apps are designed to monitor their children’s driving behaviors.

Let’s look at three of the most useful apps for parents of teen drivers.

1.      Mama Bear

This is the “family safety” app for parents who want those immediate notifications on how fast Stacey’s driving.

  • Free and pay versions – available on Android and IOS

It also features:

  • Driving alerts that tell you when your teenager drives over a particular speed limit that you have set in the app.
  • Location alerts: automatic alerts when kids arrive at school or leave school.
  • Social media monitoring: allows you to see who your child is talking to on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Monitors text messages.
  • Easy check-in buttons along with emoticons including “come get me,” and “emergency.”

2.      Life 360

“Not just a family safety app,” but a comprehensive tool that focuses on the safety of the family unit and allows the teenager to notify parents if they’re in emergency situations.

  • Free and pay versions – available on Android and IOS

It also features:

  • Individual driver reports: get an up-to-date account of what your teen is doing on the road. You’ll be able to check their top speeds, whether they’re texting and driving and if they are “hard-braking.”  
  • crash detection: immediate alerts if there has been an accident.
  • emergency dispatch: the app can send help to anyone that sends an emergency alert.
  • roadside assistance – if your child locks their keys in the car or has a flat tire.
  • Location alerts: find out how far away you are from any of your family members. You’ll also be able to receive alerts if and when your teen enters or leaves a certain designated area.

3.      DriveSmart

Advertised as “much more than an app,” it encourages accountability and responsibility behind the wheel with a rewards system.

  • Free  – available on Android and IOS
  • It also features:
  • Analytics of your child’s driving in five areas: regulations, attention, prudence, adaptation, and dexterity.
  • Set your teen driver’s phone to drive mode which will send incoming calls directly to voicemail. Also mutes incoming texts with an auto-response.
  • DriverSmart certificate – earn coins and discounts.
  • Driver assistance in case of emergency.
  • Tips for driver improvement, so you know what driving skills your teen could use work on.

What you will need to start using a driving app:

All three apps are easy to download and start using.

  1. Find the particular app in Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  2. Add your family members to your account. Some will send texts or prompts to your family to ask if they want to join.  You will most likely need to set up a profile with each person’s details, including phone numbers and passwords. Some apps also ask for your child’s social media account info.
  3. You may also need to give the app permission to use your location.

Final Thoughts

If you want peace of mind when your teenager is driving, there are apps to make that a reality. The top three, MamaBear, Life360, and DriveSmart, each have unique safety features that allow you as the parent to check in on your child and make sure they’re following the rules of the road as well as the rules of the household. They are simple to use and give your teen the freedom they want while leaving some control in your hands.

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