Best of the Web: 1 of Only 3 Ever Made

1934 Cadillac V12 Fleetwood Phaeton.

Cadillac V-12s began arriving in dealer showrooms in October 1930. by ’31 they were also producing a V8 and since they were already making a V16 the V12 sort of got squeezed out. The Twelve was nearly the performance equal of the big Sixteen, with strong torque and similar top speed, it also shared design and many parts.

We also found #2 of 3 when it was up for auction.


  • Restored in 1994
  • Model 370D
  • Only 3 V-12 All-Weather Phaetons built
  • Built in Canada
  • Serial No. 570370D
  • Engine No. 410303
  • 45 degree OHV 368 CI V-12
  • Standard transmission
  • 146″ wheelbase
  • Travel trunk
  • Goddess hood ornament
  • Beautiful chrome
  • Dual side mount spares
  • Chrome hubcaps
  • Wide whitewall tires
  • Nice Black top
  • Red interior
  • Former AACA winner

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