Boring Legal Stuff

Here’s the obligatory page of legalese that every blog must have these days. Our staff has competed to see who can make it the least painful to read without losing the actual mandatory language we must have on our site.

We believe that you are entitled to understand the purpose of every page or post and have to opportunity to read it, engage with it, or ignore it as you wish. We attempt to help you decide if you would be interested in content as quickly as possible by giving you titles about the content instead of SEO nonsense.

To make it easy to understand this page and all others on this blog, it helps to put it in context. The purpose of The Kicker Blog is to make the roads safer one car at a time. You should see that theme emerge as you read on.

1 Privacy Statement: We do not collect any personal information on you without it being obvious that we’re doing it. This means you may indeed encounter a contest or offer at some point in the future that asks you to enter your email address in order to participate. Currently, the only place that asks for such information is if you want to join our mailing list to receive our monthly newsletter, or if you want to comment on a blog post. We don’t allow people to comment anonymously because it invites a bad element to bloat our site with stuff you don’t want to read. So insisting you speak as yourself improves the quality for everyone.

WordPress allows us to collect certain information about our visitors reading habits passively. This may be done through the use of cookies (electronic bookmarks). Our goal in this isn’t to invade your privacy, it’s to improve our content by learning what our readers want to see.

We hope the information we provide will entertain and inform you. We hope if anything is not to your liking, that you’ll drop us a line before leaving so that we know what we did wrong. That’s it.

#2 Terms and Conditions: These are the ground rules that we will stick to and expect our readers and contributors to do likewise. We view opinions as non-threatening, and may well cover topics that are driving by editorial opinion, which we will make every effort to label as such.

We view opinions as non-threatening, and may well cover topics that are driving by editorial opinion, which we will make every effort to label as such. We do, however, officially avoid wholesale endorsement or condemnation of types of things. Every car maker can produce a lemon periodically. Most states don’t maintain their roads perfectly. Most law enforcement does the best it can in tough conditions, but all are human. We attempt to stay positive and nonbiased when covering topics, but won’t shy completely away from an article because it might be controversial.

Language Policy. We don’t use profanity on our site as it’s lazy writing. Our site is geared toward the commuting public, not at children, but our content is meant to be family friendly and our writing style courteous.

Copyright © 2017, we attempt to source and properly attribute all written, photo, or video content. As such we stay away from using material that isn’t open access/public license. We also request that if you cut and paste large chunks of anything published here, that you give us credit.

Limits and Liabilities, The Kicker Blog is not responsible for any errors or omissions in any material we sourced externally. Nor are we responsible for material others post in response to our publication even in a comment section, which we do attempt to moderate. While entertainment is a selling point in our writing our goal is to make the roads safer. We position ourselves as infotainment and as such some may feel we’re responsible for acting as a professional in the category of automotive safety. We do not wish to be seen as such. We have no special license or training that qualifies us as a basis to proclaim something as safe or risky. Any opinion we issue, such as “wearing seatbelts saves lives,” is said by us as a commonly understood and accepted practice, not as a direct endorsement by an expert.

Termination! We reserve the right to refuse service to jerks and trolls.

Governing Law. The Kicker Blog is authored primarily from Washington State and is compliant with those laws.

Links to other Websites. We attempt to link to websites either mentioned in stories we publish or of interest to our readers. We are not responsible for their Terms and Conditions. We don’t really evaluate how they run their site specifically unless it’s clearly something we wouldn’t want to be affiliated with.

#3 Sponsorship: Recently the FTC has doubled down on it’s requirement that you be notified of all monetary incentives a blogger might have. Most blogs have taken to including an affiliate disclaimer in every post, just to be sure it’s clear and obvious. The Kicker Blog has never hidden its sponsor. But let’s highlight it again.

Money doesn’t motivate what we publish. Our mission is to make the roads safer one car at a time. That motivates us. We intended to use a mix of advertising and post sponsorship to run a professional looking site, but we right away we lucked into a company with two purposes. 1) make the roads safer and 2) employ as many US armed services veterans as possible. The values of Tire Kickers so aligned with our own that we’ve never sought additional sponsorship.

With that said, Tire Kickers and it’s management has never attempted to influence what we do and don’t publish. They’ve never said things like, “we wish you would lay off, topic x,” or “it’d be nice to get more direct attention on this company we do business with.” They exercise no editorial control.

Tire Kickers provides comprehensive automotive inspection to determine safety and value. We are truly lucky to have such a relationship with such a reputable company, much less one whose mission is so closely aligned with our own.