Car EDC & How-To Page

by Managing Editor A. R. Bunch


For those who don’t know EDC stands for Every Day Carry, which is shorthand for the art of deciding what you want to always have with you. For example, after 40 years of opening boxes and letters with my keys when I own dozens of pocket knives, I finally bought a knife, shaped like a key, which fits on a key ring so that I have something at hand that works better.

So when it comes to vehicles, what do we suggest you always have with you…well, the first thing you should always have with you is good old-fashioned ‘know how.’ So I decided to use the topic of EDC to tackle the long-awaited how to section of the Kicker Blog.

Below you will find two sections. The first devoted to informational/operational know-how that we advise our readers to acquire. The second is mostly cool gadgets our staff writers suggested that would come in handy. There may be some overlap because, again, these aren’t different topics just different approaches to the same idea.

One final note on this page–there’s too much information to cover in one page so I’ll link out to more information on each topic. Please feel free to skim through so you get an idea of the topic as a whole and then get lost in the specifics at as you have time. I know you’ll love it, it was a blast to write.

#1 DIY (Doing It Yourself)

It’s not wrong to pay someone to do something for you, but it’s always a good idea to know how to do it in a pinch. It’ll help you economize when that’s needed, and potentially help you spot a crook who’s figured you for an easy mark. Also, it’ll make you feel a bit accomplished.

Here’s a list of the things you need to know how to do for yourself. Rather than tell you how to do each thing here we’ll include some handy links to good instruction.

Top 10 Car DIY’s

  1. #1 Check Your Oil
  2. #2 Clean Windows and Headlights
  3. #3 Get Better Insurance Rates
  4. #4 Handle Cold Weather
  5. #5 Handle a Check Engine Light
  6. #6 Change Your Own Air Filter
  7. #7 Get Cheaper Extended Warranties on Used Cars
  8. #8 Escape a Sinking Car
  9. #9 Value of a Dash Cam
  10. #10 Handle Car Body Damage Yourself

#2 EDC Gadgets to keep in your Car (list under constant construction)

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