Climbing Cars

Can a jeep climb vertically up a cliff, say a sheer surface? A video showed one climbing up a cliff in Utah, though there are some viewers who believed it to be fake.

To perform this trick, you need considerable stunt knowledge. As it was performed in rainy conditions, reportedly this makes the job harder. It needs to be a 4×4 in order to maintain the required grip.

It’s so much easier at a smaller scale, hence the number of remote-control toys performing this type of stunt. When you scale things up you increase the numbers, but the gravity part of the equation doesn’t change.


Mini Cooper

Intuition says that rugged looking vehicles are best for a cross country adventure but aerodynamics are still vital to whichever car you choose to negotiate a mountain road. Weight, size and power all play a part. When it comes to climbing mountains, a sedan is too close to the ground for rocky areas, despite their smallness. Ironically, a compact, like the Mini Cooper, is useful as it is the right size to handle country roads and also an extensive trunk space for any mountain gear. Maybe it’s not going to dig you out of quick sand, but for the average logging road it should perform well.

How about SUVs or crossovers? Yes, they can get you up there but as with any mountain traverse it helps if you have some experience. Remember that driving on rocks and fields is much harder than driving on a road. And many SUV’s are intended to look like a mountain vehicle but suited only for the city.

Here are further cars suitable for a mountain drive – Mahindra Scorpio and Vitara Brezza.

The Mahindra has a brilliant red shade and is built for negotiating the toughest of rocky roads in all but the worst weather.

Suzuki’s Vitara Brezza has a similar scarlet colour and has enough suspension to deal with the bumps in the road as you edge towards the mountain’s peak.

Uphill Racing

Just outside Nice is the beautiful town of La Turbie, site of the first uphill race in the world, also known as speed hill climbing. The sport fell slowly out of favor in France but eventually it was revived in the 1980s. There have also been races in Austria (Gaisberg) and the UK (Harewood) and various locations in the US. There have been races as far afield as Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

Suzuki’s Vitara Brezza

Some races use racing cars while others use a kit car to race. There are smaller races out there which use everyday cars with some of them undergoing modification. The modification may be a roll cage or a rollover protection system which will protect the driver should the vehicle overturn. Sometimes cars are protected with the ability to prevent a rollover, such as anti-lock brakes and traction control, the kind of safety system you might need when negotiating a hill, but this goes against the spirit of hilltop driving.

The smaller races are in speed-trial format with competitors having two attempts to tackle the hill.

If you wish to explore the early days of hilltop driving, including pictures of the racers themselves you can do worse than browse specialist racing magazines like, Uphill Racers. Even the UK’s Stirling Moss, linked more to Formula One racing, has taken part in the hilltop driving culture. So, hilltop drivers are in good company.

Lonely Route 50

When America was younger it took months of trial and tribulation to cross from the coast to coast, but now the Interstate Highway System has shortened it to a few days (or hours if you choose to fly). Between the days of wagon trains, and modern transportation there was a system of roadways that interconnected to wend their way from small town to small town, eventually leading the weary traveler from Atlantic to Pacific or the other way, in a matter of weeks.

Route 66 has gotten the most press by far, with the possible exception of Route 50. In the July 7, 1997 Time Magazine devoted an entire issue to Route 50, or Highway 50, dubbing it the backbone of America. That’s a much nicer name that travelers had previously called it, “the Loneliest Road in America.” The Nevada portion is certainly devoid of the usual roadside attractions one finds on routes like 66. But if you enjoy purple mountains, blue sky and amber fields of grass you have found your dream passage way.

Bighorn Sheep Canyon, Arkansas

History of Route 50

Like most coast-to-coast routes their isn’t just one origin story. Each leg of the journey can be traced to it’s own discovery and when taken a piece at a time it often makes sense why the road was put where it was. Geography, politics and commerce all play their part in why a road exists. But as the individual legs of the journey are formed someone inevitably comes up with the idea of linking them together into one continuous route which increases the popularity of some sections and gives starting purpose to others.

The core of route 50 traces back to Capt. William Bicknell, who pioneered a route to Santa Fe so he could sell goods. Bicknell got rich and his Santa Fe trail became the route taken by the railroads, which later became part of route 50.

Route 50 has had several incarnations since it was first planned in 1925. It was 1926 before one could drive a car the bulk of the way.

Route 50 Now

Considered a major East-West transportation path, Route 50 goes 3,073 miles (4,946 km) from Interstate 80 (I-80) in West Sacramento, California, to Maryland Route 528 (MD 528) in Ocean City, Maryland. Very nearly from sea to shining sea, one of only three major routes to do so.

It actually did reach the pacific until 1972 when several Interstate Highways replaced it to carry traffic between the capital and San Francisco.

In addition to Sacramento, major cities on route 50 include Kansas City, Missouri; St. Louis, Missouri; and Cincinnati, Ohio… oh, and Washington D.C. However, this road system is nearly completely rural, passing through 12 states and taking across the Rockies in Colorado and the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia. In between it crosses the mighty Mississippi via the Jefferson Barracks Bridge.

An interesting side note is that man of the signs on the route state that it is 3,073 miles long, which it was at one time, but with modern freeway replacements the new distance is slightly less.

Things to See

Attractions along the route are many if you are talking about small Americana places of interest, but the only big natural feature is the Great Salt Lake Desert.

The video below will give you taste for the “Lonely Road” via time laps.

Looking for the Right Motorbike

Ducati Panigale V4R

How do you find the top motorbike for you? Let’s look at Ducati, they have a range of bikes such as an off-roader called the Scrambler, a racing bike, otherwise known as the Panigale V4R and so on. Your motorbike purchase is dependent on where you wish to drive it and it’s a good idea to look at the specialist brand which you like.

How does the power compare?

When it comes to learner bikes, sports bikes or the off-road variety it can vary between 250 and 400cc. The more retro bikes have a better range – between 600 and 900cc. There are even bikes which have a massive 1000cc or more known as superbikes.

It’s no good investing in a superbike expecting to be able to ride it when you have little experience. A mid-range sports bike may seem dull, but it’s a good place to start.

To give you more details about these bike types…

A beginner bike has an engine size that isn’t too daunting and is also easy to repair.

Retro bikes seldom have items like windshields but also have more power, either two or three cylinders. You might possibly consider them all-rounders.

Cruiser Style Bike

The adventure style motorbike can handle everything from mud to gravel. Sports touring is a subdivision of these types of bikes.

The cruiser has a striking design with a large engine and huge handlebars. If you wish to see the US coast-to-coast then the cruiser is the way to go.

The superbike is more dependent on aerodynamics to keep it on the road. Though as said above it’s daunting, there are still superbikes with less than 1000cc which are still thrilling to drive.

New Types of Bike:

Honda MiniMoto

There are a number of new types which the general public might not immediately call motorbikes such as the supermoto, the minimoto and the electric motorbike. These may cause you some difficulty: the minimoto is not suitable for interstate roads for instance and electric motorbikes are difficult to recharge when far from home. But they have the plus point of being new and exciting.

Limited Editions:

Ariel Ace Iron Horse

The more expensive bikes tend to be limited editions, and many are only available unofficially.

There are lightweight versions such as Ariel Ace Iron Horse, thanks to its skeletal look. It may seem like a sportbike but it’s so much more.

Although older bikers remember Marlon Brando or James Dean these names aren’t going to cut it for the early twenties market. So, Harley-Davidson (the cruiser type referred to above) are going for unique names such as Neiman Marcus Limited Editions.


When it comes to maintenance motorcycle engines tend to be more specialized than car engines. In terms of repair with more select models you may be better off just buying a new bike. That’s the thing with niches though.

For example, the Ducati Panigale V4 is made of exotic material such as carbon fiber and weighs less than 200Kg. So you’re not running down to the parts store for a replacement to bolt in.

There’s a few bikes out there with carbon fiber such as the Suzuki AEM which is great at handling and is comfortable, but is it worth the price? It’s all down to you.

Campers and Adaptions

If you wish to take to the open road a camper is a great option as you are not hampered by locating a suitable hotel every night. You can stay a lot of places, but officially, it’s advisable to sleep in a registered camp site It’s safer, and has a few amenities like showers and shore power, maybe even a place to empty your wastewater. Of course, if you got too tired to drive, in a pinch you could pull off at a Walmart and park overnight.

Well Known US Campers

Any talk of campers wouldn’t be complete without mention of Winnebagos. Winnebagos have been going since 1958 and have variants such as Journey, Farza, Adventurer and Vista.

Vista, for example, is a four-person Winny with two double beds, toilet and even a shower.

The Winnebago Solis is for more glamorous camping, what with its insulated walls and a plumbed-in wet bathroom. For this design it has a sleeping sofa rather than the usual bunk area.

Well Known European Campers

1961 Bedford Dormobile

Alternately, would you choose a European model like a Dormobile? The Dormobile company started in 1956, just after the VW camper known as “The Camper Box.”

The Dormobile had an estate car roof (AKA a sunshine roof) which could be extended to give two extra berths.

There have been conversions of Land Rovers by a Colorado company into campers but they aren’t Dormobiles themselves.

The reason Dormobile created campers is because they were exempt from purchase tax as long as they had cookers and the most basic washing machines.

The Dormobile had a lifting roof that was side-hinged, slightly resembling a Jack-in-the-box. It was made of a plastic canopy sometimes with red stripes, the top had two windows for ventilation. The inside looked reminiscent of the curve of a wheel’s spokes with two large poles or struts keeping the structure. It allowed for an extra meter of interior space even if it’s only purpose was to sleep in.

Before putting the roof down, you had to remove the mattresses from the bunks, otherwise the roof wouldn’t fit right. It sounds awkward, but no doubt you got used to it.

Another plus point was the 4-wheel drive which is unusual in a camper. It was definitely designed as a vehicle which was not afraid to go off road. This could come as a surprise given its streamlined shape.


With enough money you can convert vans and SUVs into campervans. There are two ways to do this-one is to just use the space as is, the second is to create an “extension” part like an overhanging caravan, also known as a pop-up.

Though the first of these is easier and creates less disruption you will be hard pressed to find a place to fit in a bathroom! What you end up with is a table and chair area in the back which can be turned into a flatbed at night.

When creating a conversion use lightweight materials. Because of the need to store away tables/chairs/mattresses the active storage space is only available when its being used to camp in not when packed up to travel.

But as conversion is so complicated, most people tend to like the specialized vans. After all, why mess with mid-century design? And if you don’t like vintage, choose an up-to-date version.

The Road Bridge – An Underestimated Form

Although many drivers think of bridges as a way to travel between point A and B some of them are worth visiting for their own sake. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco for example.

The Golden Gate connects the San Francisco Bay with the Pacific Bay. A one-mile construction, it was overseen by Joseph Strauss in 1917 but not opened until 1937. It was both the longest and tallest suspension bridge at the time.

Another US bridge which was the largest bridge for its day was the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, unlike the Golden Gate this is a mixture of cable and suspension bridge. Plans were brewing since 1800 for a bridge to connect Brooklyn with the rest of the city. In this case, Roebling with the main engineer, starting with the caissons or platforms for the suspension towers, building the suspension towers themselves and then finally the “road” part of the bridge.

Choosing Joseph Strauss to oversee the bridge was a strange choice as he had no experience or understanding in how to create such a large-scale project, eventually he decided to work from the designs of Leon Moissoiff with Irving Morrow acting as the architect.

In order to get shipping to negotiate under the East River viaducts had to be built on both sides of the bridge. Despite the years of discussion and planning, the bridge was only opened in 1883.

There are more modern bridges which are worth commenting on, such as the Øresund Bridge which opened in 2000, designed for both for road and rail to travel between Sweden and Demark. It runs to Peberholm which is an island in the middle of Øresund Strait. The rest of the journey uses a tunnel.

It has this strange arrangement because a longer bridge would interfere with air traffic from Copenhagen.

The idea for a bridge in this region was planned ever since 1910. Peberholm is a nature reserve. The tunnel consists of two tubes for the railway and two larger tubes as well as well as a smaller emergency tunnel.

There are similar bridge-tunnels in the US such as Chesapeake Bay, Virginia connects Northampton County with Virginia Beach. Hampton Reeds and between Monitor and Merrimas. Many intercontinental railways have their own bridge-tunnels.

A twin sail bridge created in Dorset for road traffic uses double bascules. The two “leaves” open by hydraulic system. It takes two minutes to open. Although it has a similar form to Tower Bridge the use of sails makes for a perhaps more iconic look.

The Uruguay bridge is a circular ring-shaped bridge designed for a mass amount of traffic. The heightened curve slows the car down. There are a number of pedestrian crossings allowing those not in cars or motorbike to negotiate its interesting design.

The Eshoma Ohashi bridge is a bit of a talking point as it goes up at 45 degrees – or so it appears. It’s actually an optical illusion, its rise is nowhere near as steep.

The Dragon Bridge, Da Nang has wonderful selling points, breathes fire at the weekends. It is also lit up in the evenings.

Leonel Viera Bridge

The Leonel Viera Bridge  is a stressed ribbon bridge linking the cities of Punta del Este and La Barra across the Maldonado River [es] in southern Uruguay


Roads will always need to bridge the gap, so there will be plenty of opportunity in creating innovative designs out there. 

Truck Stops

Trick Stops began in the 1940s, though many have been rebranded as Travel Centers. Their main purpose is to provide a secure stopping off point as well as access to fuel.

Although there are supposed to be secure they don’t have the best reputation in the world, especially at night. It’s advisable to drive slow around the premises and not go against the direction of the traffic. When you park it’s best to back in and pull out.

Other pieces of advice…

  • Inspect your vehicle every time you leave
  • To watch out for potential scammers around the place – is someone offering you something which seems too amazing to be true?
  • Keep to the well-lit areas.

Although truck stops will have huge parking spaces it is vital to park your wagon in the right place. Many drivers needlessly crowd the gas station region, so don’t be one of those.

Large chains like Flying J, and Loves often have an app for truckers to help guide you along the correct roads in the truck stop.

A number of truck stops don’t have the best reputation. It’s generally agreed to commit to a specific chain. Some truckers go for places with the best value fuel, either the cheapest base price or through a cash back program.

Other Amenities

Another consideration is access to food. Some truck-drivers could look for specialty diners, especially if they have dietary requisites, while others don’t necessarily want a premium diner, preferring somewhere that is open 24/7 and passes all food hygiene specifications.

Moving onto more detailed attributes, these may include medical services, dental services, even items like churches and casinos, even a cinema. (Some of these are just a TV projector in a rest room though).

You may want someone to wash your truck or deal with repairs and there may be people at the truck stop who can do that. Some may allow you to take advantage of their free showers. As with anything it is vital to shop around.

Some drivers look for something else in their truck stop such as easy access from the freeway and cheap prices. There is something for everyone if you research a bit.

The biggest truck stop in the US is the Iowa 80 which even has things such as a gift shop, museum as well as a truck showroom. It has been in operation since 1964.

Covid Update

Note that some things have changed at truck stops since the advent of the Coronavirus, they are shutting down all but essential business here, that is food and fuel. Some restaurants may close at 9 and they have removed refillable mugs; there may be a limit to the number of customers who enter the cafe and the removal of buffets. Driver’s rooms may also be closed.

At these times you may find the toilet area is dirtier than usual due to lack of cleaners. This is why it is vital to use sanitizers and soap.

Unfortunately, a number of quarantined drivers are still working on the road. If you are still working while quarantining then it is vital that you stay away from public areas as much as possible, for instance taking advantage of drive throughs.

Stay safe and stay healthy during the pandemic—drink plenty of water, vitamin C, D, and Zinc. Get plenty of rest.

Link to article about mask requirements at Truck Stops

Gifts for Race Enthusiasts

How can you treat your car-mad acquaintances for Christmas? Many people spoil their loved ones with racing car events and supercar events, especially those who love pistons and adrenaline. Use any gift vouchers quickly, even if they may be valid for several months. As with all gift cards, racing gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash.

Another sticking point is to make sure you can use the voucher locally, some of these vouchers are designed to be used in several places around a specific state or even nationally, so have a venue in mind. Many racing tracks allow you to experience racing cars of various vintages; even off-road driving is possible.

Before you can start driving you will need to show a driving license. If you book a time for your drive and wish to change it you could have to pay an admin fee. It’s always dependent on how close you are to the event whether you can alter the date. They tend to supply you with racing gear-but this doesn’t tend to include sensible shoes.

For those who want to continue beyond a single day could look into obtaining seasonal passes, becoming what used to be known as a “gentleman driver” or a “lady driver,” that is, a non-professional one. If your budget is in the four figures you could look into training to drive a speedster over several days. Usually, insurance is included in such activity, but it’s best to check.

It’s not essential for a trainer to be with you in the vehicle, indeed NASCAR trains people via a radio device. For those who only drive on the main roads it can be hard to become accustomed to driving on a track, especially racing at fast speeds on long periods. A trained racing driver may be on hand to assist you in increasing your timings, even if many drivers seem to prefer riding without the instructors. Due to the layout of most racing cars, especially Formula One types, it may be impossible to carry any sort of teacher or passenger.

Not all of these driving experiences are the same; some allow you to pass the slowcoaches on the track, some do not.

For those who don’t want to race there are opportunities to be a passenger on supercars or racing cars. There may be sticking points if you are above average weight or height in fitting in a racing car, it’s best to check these things beforehand.

The look of racetracks can vary. A drag strip is a length of track to test acceleration of vehicles. Other tracks are ovals or “figure eights”. If you are going round in a circle track you will begin and end your journey in the pitstop or the pits. But there are so many terms in driving you will find it hard to remember them all.

Hopefully, you will be able to enjoy your race day in perfect health. Have a great Christmas as well.

How to Prepare for a Road Trip: Holiday Edition

With an end to the pandemic nowhere in sight, families are turning to road trips to give themselves a break from the stress of their daily lives. Vacations involving airports and hotels are not feasible, or even considered safe at the moment. So, families are deciding to pack up their car and drive to a vacation spot that is within reach.

If going on a road trip sounds like just what your stressed out, quarantined family needs, you are in luck. Below, we discuss, in detail, everything you need to do to prepare for a road trip. All you’ll have to do is pick where you want to go (if it’s not to visit family)!

Get Your Car Checked

The first thing you’ll have to do before your road trip, and perhaps the most important, is to take your car in to get checked. Whichever car you choose to take on the trip needs to be strong and reliable. Take your car in to a shop that you trust. Make sure they change your oil and top off your fluids, rotate your tires and check your brakes. Let the mechanic checking your car know that you are going on a road trip and ask him to do a diagnostic check to make sure everything else is running smoothly. If you’re sure your car is well serviced, consider calling a mobile inspection service, who can verify there isn’t anything wrong in a place you wouldn’t normally thing to check.

On your end, make sure to check the dates that your registration and inspection expire. If they are close, consider renewing your car registration papers and getting your car inspected while you are at the shop. Additionally, you will need to make sure your car insurance is updated and active. It may also be helpful to join a roadside assistance service like AAA before you leave in case something goes wrong on the road.

Clean Before and During Your Trip

Since you will be spending a lot of time in your car, it is necessary to clean it well before embarking on your adventure. Before leaving, complete a thorough clean on your whole vehicle, inside and out. Use proper cleaning fluids to wipe down the dashboard and console, removing any little crumbs as best as you can. A different cleaner can be used to wipe down the seats of your car. The right cleaner will both clean and condition the fabric. Driving in a clean car will improve your mental health and have you feeling less overwhelmed or claustrophobic.

Consider hiring a detailer. This sounds a bit much, but they’re not busy in the winter and might be surprisingly affordable. Think of it as a practical Christmas gift to yourself given the amount of time you’ll be inside your car.

Once you get driving, it is vital to try to maintain the cleanliness of your car as much as possible. A lot of people in a confined space tend to make a mess quickly. So, do a clean out of the trash every time you stop at a rest stop or get gas. Try to remind your kids to keep their personal space tidy.  Seat back organizers are great for helping kids to keep their space organized. No matter how you figure it out, try your best to stay on top of the mess in your car. It will help keep you, and your family, sane.

Prepare A Loose Itinerary

Before leaving, take some time to come up with a loose itinerary for your trip. All of your stops do not have to be rest stops and fast-food restaurants. Take the time to do some research and find a few interesting places to stop along the way to your final destination. Beautiful scenic lookouts, delicious diners, and interesting museums my lie along your general route. Plan them into your trip to expand your experiences and give your family a more well-rounded trip.

It’s proven fact that incorporating these kinds of activities to break up the monotony of a drive can allow you to arrive fresher at your destination. As an added bonus, you can arrive at a good time instead of 10 o’clock at night when your in-laws thought you were going to make it for dinner. Just add a day to the itinerary and make each leg of the journey less hectic.

While planning can help your trip run smoothly and be more interesting, there is also a fine line between not enough planning and too much. No plan or itinerary will make your trip seem boring, but over planning and trying too hard to stick to a schedule makes your trip seem hectic and stressful. This is the opposite of what a vacation is supposed to do. So, do yourself a favor and only plan a few extra stops along the way. Keep in mind, if there are more places you’d like to stop, you can always add a few stops on your way home.

The Easiest and Most Common Mistakes

The key mistake most people make when they don’t road trip often, is planning around gas stations or not planning enough around gas stations. Figure out how far your car goes between fill-ups and locate places with gas stations near the road. Don’t plan on running your tank nearly dry because sometimes stations are closed for remodeling. No sense pushing your luck.

Final Thoughts

A road trip may be just the thing you and your family need to escape life for a few days. Often, when you live a ways from family you spend all your vacation time traveling to see them. Consider taking the scenic route to at least give yourself some time off in this high stress year.

While a road trip is less involved than flying or using other types of transportation, a little bit of planning can go a long way to make your trip a success. At the bare minimum, follow the steps above, and you will eliminate a lot of stress and anxiety from your trip to that you can enjoy yourself as much as possible.

Virtual Car Shows for the 2020 Season

With the onset of the pandemic, all in-person, large events have been postponed or cancelled. As upsetting as this is, there are alternatives to these large events. Most companies and businesses have transferred their events to the internet so that people all over the world can still attend, in a way.

If you are a regular at car shows in your area, you are in luck this season. Some of the biggest car shows this year have modified their events to be online. While this may seem like a bummer, it is actually quite a positive. Having these great car shows online gives you the chance to visit shows out of your area that you normally would have to travel many miles to go to. Another perk is that if you missed these events you can still take in a lot of the action even if its less excited recorded than live. We’ll do our best to update this list when the 2021 event calendars are announced, but these links should take you to the 2021 event as soon as those are announced.

Good Guys Rod and Custom Association

The first virtual car show on our list is from the Good Guys Rod and Custom Association. This show, that typically takes place in Pleasanton, California, features categories for hot rods, tricked out trucks, and muscle cars, among others. This association has multiple virtual car shows on different days, so make sure to check the events calendar when you get to their website.  These events also have a schedule of events, so if you aren’t interested in watching the entire car show, you can log in for the categories that you want to see.

NASCAR Ford Performance: Virtual Speedway

The NASCAR Ford Performance Virtual Speedway is a virtual performance car show. This show is sponsored by NASCAR and focuses on Ford vehicles. This virtual car show is a playlist of YouTube videos that showcase different aspects of different Ford vehicles. This is a great virtual car show for someone that wants to see cars actually driving as opposed to cars sitting still. This playlist has the ability to keep you occupied for a long time. It consists of almost 200 video clips for you to enjoy.

Gilmore Car Museum: Hickory Corners, Michigan

The Gilmore Car Museum, located in Hickory Corners, Michigan, was established in the 1960s.  It began as a private collection of vintage vehicles by Donald S. Gilmore and grew into a larger collection as he continued to acquire cars. Eventually, his collection was so vast, he had to purchase 90 acres of land in Michigan to accommodate it. Eventually, Gilmore and his wife decided to turn his collection into a museum that opened to the public in 1966. This year, the Gilmore Car Museum decided to create a virtual overview of all their vintage cars for you to peruse. This is a great opportunity to see a quality vintage collection for free.

The Petersen Museum’s Global Cars & Coffee Show

The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California has hosted a free Cars and Coffee event once a month for the past eight years. When COVID-19 hit, the museum did not want to cancel their long-standing tradition. Holding this event virtually has allowed the Petersen Museum to host cars from all over the world in their virtual show. Those who wish to participate submit a video of their car where they explain the key features and history of their vehicle. These virtual shows are still happening once a month online.  heck the Museum’s website for the date and time of their latest show.

Dub Magazine: Dub Show Worldwide

Dub Magazine is another car show that has taken their operation virtual due to COVID-19. Their virtual car show Dub Show Worldwide takes submissions in multiple different categories. Browse vehicles in categories like Lifted Jeeps, Lowriders, and Motorcycles. Each vehicle in their virtual event has a place where it can be liked by those who visit the show. At the end of a certain period of time, likes are tallied, and the vehicle with the most likes in each category is placed in their winners’ circle.

If you are a car enthusiast, you don’t have to miss out completely on car shows for the 2020 season. In fact, since submissions are easier, attending virtual events could give you exposure to more cars from all over the world. If the events listed above aren’t what you have in mind and you’d like a closer look at the cars, there is an alternative. Some virtual car shows are just picture images from multiple angles of the cars so that you can zoom in and really see the details of each car closely.