The Top Five Most Stolen Vehicles in America

Each year, the National Insurance Crime Bureau releases a report of the most stolen vehicles in America. Below you will find the most stolen vehicles in America before making a purchase.

1.    Honda Civic

There are a number of reasons why the Honda Civic is so often targeted. To begin with, it is a very popular car, which means there is more of them on the road and more opportunity for thieves to steal them. Additionally, Civics are often parked in public areas, making them easy targets for thieves looking for a quick getaway. Finally, Civics tend to have weaker security systems than other cars, making them easier to break into. As a result of all these factors, the Civic remains one of the most stolen vehicles in America.

2.    Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 has been America’s best-selling truck for four decades. But despite its popularity, the F-150 is also one of the most stolen vehicles in the country. There are a number of reasons why the F-150 is such a target for thieves. First, its high resale value makes it an attractive proposition for thieves looking to make a quick profit. Second, the F-150’s parts are also highly sought-after, making it easy for thieves to sell them on the black market.

Finally, the F-150 is simply an easy target for theft; its large size and heavy weight make it difficult to hide, and its popularity means that a large number of them are on the road, making them easy to find and steal. Whatever the reason, the Ford F-150 is one of the most stolen vehicles in America. And unfortunately for owners, there’s not much that can be done to prevent it from happening.

3.    Chevrolet Silverado

The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is the most popular truck in America and one of the most stolen vehicles. There are a few reasons why the Silverado is such a target for thieves. First, it’s a highly sought-after vehicle, so there’s a high demand for it on the black market. Second, it’s relatively easy to steal, thanks to its large size and easy-to-disable security system. Finally, the Silverado is valuable, so it can fetch a high price when sold illegally. If you own a Silverado, take extra steps to protect your vehicle from theft. Park in well-lit areas, use a steering wheel lock and consider investing in a GPS tracking device.

4.    Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is one of the most popular cars on the market and one of the most stolen cars. In fact, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the Accord was the most stolen vehicle in America in 2015. There are a number of reasons why thieves target the Accord. First, it’s a popular car, which means there are more of them on the road. Second, it’s easy to break into and hot-wire. And third, parts from the Accord are in high demand so that they can be easily sold for a profit.

5.    Toyota Camry

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the Toyota Camry is one of the most stolen vehicles in America. It’s the most stolen vehicle in California. While the Camry is a popular car, it’s also an easy target for thieves. This is because the Camry is often left unlocked with the keys inside. This makes it an easy target for thieves looking for a quick getaway car. The Camry is also a popular choice for carjackers due to its popularity and ease of access.

Should You Trade-In Your Car?

After saving up for a new car, you may be considering a trade-in for a potentially ‘better.’ Car. Heading to the dealership and trading your old vehicle sounds like a viable option, but is it worth it? Before you take the old car to the dealership, it might be a good idea to evaluate your finances in relation to your desired car.

There are a few considerations that you should look into before heading to the dealership. For instance, it would be best to price your trade-in before heading to the dealership. Letting the dealership owners put a price tag on your car might not be the best option, especially when you’re on a tight budget.

Trading it can be wise, but if you are not well informed about how it works, you may be ripped off. The following are some of the pointers you need to focus on. It’s entirely okay to trade off your car, but you must consider the following.

It isn’t ideal to trade your BMW or Range Rovers at the dealership. You ideally want to sell such cars on Craigslist. Craigslist is a better way to find potential buyers who will give you a better deal or make a profit.

Again, it will not be prudent for you to go to a dealership and trade in a damaged car. The chance of you making a loss in this kind of situation is like 100%. Suppose the only option for you is to go to a dealership.

Another thing you need to consider is the state of your car. Ensure you have serviced your vehicle because, at the dealership, they will probably consider the cost of the repairs and double that value plus the time invested in it. Then minus all that cost from its current market value.

It is essential to trade your car at the most suitable dealership. For instance, if you have a Toyota, don’t take it to a BMW dealership. The point is to change a vehicle that allows the dealership will find accessible for them to put in their lot. When you take a car that fits their inventory and no repairs are needed, you will likely sell the car at a better rate.

Don’t trade with a value difference more significant than 20%. For instance, the dealership appreciates your car to allow the price of the vehicle to match similar cars on the lot. If the dealership is offering you a trade-in value that is more than 20% lower than similar cars on their lot it’s not a good deal for you. Understand that they will often spend some money bringing your car up to snuff before turning it around. However, they need to justify it if they’re expecting you to take the hit on a vehicle they intend to flip for a quick 25% profit.

When trading with a dealer, remember to look for a discount from the dealership. You may have found a better deal, but it will be much better if they give you a discount of about 5% to 10% for your new car.

Finally, if the dealership has to take your car for an auction, it is not worth the fight to squeeze the fair price from such a deal. Constantly looking for a third-party buyer could also save you a great deal.

Best Cars for Teens

Cars offer great convenience, especially for people living in remote areas. Not only that but for teens, having cars creates a sense of independence and responsibility. However, as a car owner, you need to be mindful of the purchasing prices, gas prices (which are incredibly high at the time of writing), insurance, parking space, and maintenance costs when purchasing a car.

According to Consumer Reports, some of the best cars used by teens across America include Mazda 3 sedan or hatchback, Honda Civic, Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry, and the Hyundai Genesis.

If you are a teen in the market for a car, here are some worthwhile options that you should consider.

Honda Fit

Honda Fit

The US News and World Report Rankings named the Honda Fit as the best new car for teens back in 2019, and it’s easy to see why. This car boasts great fuel economy, spacious cabins, and delivers a ‘fun’ ride. Speed enthusiasts will also be pleased to know that this car packs a small punch in the speed department, but you could say the same for a ton of cars in the same class.

VW Golf

Volkswagen Golf

Jeremy Clarkson, while still at Top Gear, described this car as the ‘world’s best hot hatch’. The Volkswagen Golf is a visually striking hatchback that comes in a 2.0L turbocharged engine that packs some serious power (227 hp). Although you might end up parting with more than what you initially planned for, you’ll be getting a ton of features, including adaptive cruise control, park distance control, and parking steering control just to mention a few.

Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback is a versatile off-road rally car that perfectly suits the boys. It’s one of the best-selling hatchbacks in the USA. It can accommodate a group of four friends with extra space for your luggage and equipment.

Outdoor lovers will enjoy the Outback because it’s suitable for road trips and camping, thanks to its four-by-four capabilities. The car also comes with heated seats and a power steering wheel. At the time of writing, new models of this car (2017-2021) would cost you about $20,000 while old ones (2001-2004) cost about $5,000.

Kia Soul

Kia Soul

The 2020 Kia Soul was famed for its safety features, earning it multiple awards and honors by the US News and IIHS Top Safety Pick. Its shape is a spacious boxer, making it easy for you to move in and out more comfortably. KIA has one of the best Bluetooth systems among cars in the same class. It also features a touchscreen infotainment system that responds to your voice. The KIA Soul has a flex steer system that allows you to switch between three driving styles.

Mazda 3

Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 is an efficient gas-consuming car, thanks to the installation of sky-active technology. The car gets 40 miles per gallon on a highway. Such features make it one of the best value cars for teens especially when considering the market price ($5,677). It also features good safety features, including side door safety bags. Consider the Mazda 3 if you are looking for an all-around economic car with very little in the way of pleasantries.

The Ins and Outs of Car Warranties

Whether it’s a new or used car, the cost of maintenance and repairs can be quite high. One way car owners hope to save money is by purchasing an auto warranty. With so many options for warranties, trying to weed through the varying terms and conditions can feel like a daunting task.

With warranties for either new or used vehicles, there are just a few main keywords and options to look out for to make sure you are saving money by the plan covering some costs of repairs but also not losing money by paying for plan options you don’t need.

Types of Warranty Coverages

Regardless of being a factory warranty or one purchased through a third-party vendor, there are certain terms for the plans, that are similar. Check the terms and conditions specific to your plan to ensure you know what you are paying for and what support you can expect when repairs are needed.

Powertrain Warranty

As the name implies, powertrain warranties generally cover everything in the drive-system of the car, from the motor to the wheel axles. These types of warranties most often have a shorter term than others. However, since it covers vital engine components such as seals and gaskets, they may prove to be a wallet-saver if any covered part fails.


The bumper-to-bumper warranty is the most comprehensive of warranty plan types, and is commonly called, an “exclusionary plan.” In short, a bumper-to-bumper warranty covers everything as the name implies, including most mechanical, electrical, and other high-tech components.

The terms of these types of warranties generally list conditions or components that are not covered, rather than what is covered. These exclusions usually include general wear and tear, damage caused by an accident or collision, or any damage or component failure due to the installation or use of aftermarket parts.

Other Warranty Types

While Bumper-To-Bumper and Powertrain warranties are the most common types, other more miscellaneous coverages might be worth exploring.

Depending on which state you live in, the Department of Motor Vehicles may require yearly or periodic emissions testing. If this is the case, an Emissions Performance or an Emissions Defect warranty may cover you if any emissions-system-related part fails.

For the body of the car, you may have the option of purchasing or adding a Corrosion Warranty. While these generally do not cover damage caused by environmental factors, such as acid rain, they usually cover corrosion of the sheet metal body skin due to material defects.

Warranty Vendors

Along with options for coverage, there are also options for who sells the warranty. This generally is dependent on the age of the vehicle and whether it is new or used.

Factory Warranties

Generally, the easiest route for auto warranties is to have a factory warranty. For both new cars, manufacturers each have their term limits for bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranties, with many offering longer terms as a marketing strategy. However, these are generally limited to the first owner of the vehicle.

Even if your car is used, it may be covered by a factory extended warranty, commonly called a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) warranty. Along with the standard factory warranty, each manufacturer will have its own CPO warranty terms.

Independent Extended Warranties

Depending on the age of the vehicle, it might not be eligible for a factory warranty or even a CPO warranty. There is still an option for coverage. Many companies, independent of auto manufacturers, offer extended warranties that may offer similar coverages, with some plans covering up to 250,000 miles.


If there is an option for a factory warranty when purchasing a car, it is generally a good investment to add on. This is specially true during the break-in period or if it is a new model. However, an independent extended warranty, should be compared to the average annual cost for repairs for your car brand.

What’s News: 100% Drop in Cars Sold in Shanghai

The word is out, Covid has killed the car economy in China, at least temporarily. In Shanghai, no small town, there were no cars sold–Zero! For the month of April. That’s big news.

This story comes to us from several sources but I’ll link to a couple that typify the coverage. Like this one from CNN.

No cars were sold in Shanghai in April as zero-Covid policy hammers activity

“The biggest metropolitan area in China, home to 25 million residents, has been under a strict lockdown for seven weeks. Authorities have ordered people to stay at home and shut down many businesses, as they try to stamp out the city’s worst ever Covid outbreak.Although authorities announced Monday that they will allow “low levels of activity” in some areas, numerous residents told CNN that they had not been allowed to go outside their residential complexes.

The Covid restrictions had a severe impact on the city’s car market — almost all dealers were closed, and no sales were recorded at all, according to a statement from the Shanghai Automobile Sales Trade Association released on Monday.”

The city ranks No. 1 in overall car sales — about 736,700 new vehicles were sold in Shanghai last year, the most among all Chinese cities, according to statistics from the country’s main insurance regulator.It’s also a major manufacturing hub, home to auto producers like Tesla (TSLA) and Volkswagen (VLKAF), as well as major parts suppliers Bosch and ZF Group.

Other resources, Slashdot, of IdeaTimes.

7 Things Every New Car Owner Needs

Taking a set of keys from a dealer or seller and stepping into a new car is an exciting moment. That first time you start the engine, the bond is set, and the car is now yours. You drive it home and that’s it, right?

It very well could be. But many things would not only make your car more personalized but can be essential in providing a much better driving or riding experience in the years ahead.

Roadside Emergency Kit

The last thing that someone wants to think about when driving away in a new car is dealing with a roadside breakdown. They might be uncommon, but they happen. One of the best ways to help keep some peace of mind and reduce the worry is to be prepared with a roadside assistance kit or a car-specific. Most of these are no larger than a small backpack and, sometimes, can be stored with your spare tire.

Car First Aid Kit

Chances are, you have some sort of first aid kit somewhere in your house or your outdoor equipment. If you don’t, you need to. Just like the roadside kit, this small pouch can be stored out of the way. However, if you ever need any of its contents, it might be the only place it’s available. Plus, keeping one specifically for the car means the inventory of band-aids and supplies won’t be out when you need them since they were used at home.

Jumper Cables

The modern batteries in cars, especially with new cars, are incredibly reliable. Most times, if you are mindful of not using your climate controls and radio with the engine off, you may go years without needing a replacement or jump. However, when you do, having your own set of jumper cables will help switch your search for help from who has cables to just someone who would be willing to help.

Window Tinting

For some, this can be a controversial one. But if your car did not come with any tinting on the windows, it will not take long for the sun to heat the inside of the car when it’s parked or even while driving. This may make the difference between having a cool interior without needing to have the fan on high. Be sure to check local laws on window tinting and be aware that going too dark (even within the legal limit), may make night driving difficult. Why suffer waiting for your car to cool down when you can reduce the heat before it starts. Tinting also reduces the fading on the interior and by reducing the heat issue, it saves on gas.

“Climate” Bag

Depending on where you live, this might involve some modification throughout the year, but consider the general climate you live in, and what sorts of things you at some point wished you had, but forgot to bring with you. Having a bag set aside for just such conditions can make the difference between staying happy and dry, or wet and miserable. This can be as simple as a packable rain poncho and towels for rainy seasons, or sunglasses and a few bottles of water for the summertime.

Car Wash Membership

One of the most often neglected parts of a car is the exterior and specifically, the paint. It is easy to believe the paint and clearcoat add some force field to keep dirt and grime from damaging the body. However, keeping the car clean and waxing it often, will keep the road particles from penetrating through the clear coat and potentially causing issues down the road. A membership to a car wash will likely save you money if you plan to keep your car in its pristine condition. If you go too long, you might need a deeper and more expensive clean, such as a clay bar wash, to get out all of the grit and grime. 


Regardless of the season outside, a sunshade can make a world of difference in keeping the temperature inside your car at a reasonable level when parked. Even in the winter, the sunlight can make the inside of your car stifling and create quite a temperature shock when you step in. Without a sunshade in the summer, you may be at your destination by the time you can cool off the interior to a comfortable level.

The Counter-Intuitive Appreciation of Used Cars

New cars are expected to lose a significant amount of value the second they are driven off the lot. Used cars are not supposed to be investments. Even vintage or classic cars aren’t really appreciating in value so much as regaining value. Meaning they went through a time of massive value loss, then because there are fewer of them left and after lots of money and work spent in restoring them to immaculate condition, well, they still aren’t a good investment. But they technically have ‘gained value.’

But there is a curious bubble building right now that should at least grab your attention, if not make you consider some major decisions. The value of many used cars–not classic, nor vintage, nor extremely rare–regular used cars that were a dime a dozen just two years ago when they were new, has increased at nearly the same rate as the popular bitcoin NFTs and exceeding many increases in the stock market.

To be clear, this is not expected to continue for much longer. With that, there are decisions that warrant some consideration as the vehicle sitting in your driveway or garage right now might offer one of the best returns on investment you will have.

The Why…

There are two main reasons this jump or surge might be happening. Both are certainly “negatives” in the realm of commerce, but neither is showing many indications of recovery anytime soon.


The past few years have placed an immense strain on everyone and everything. While we might be (hopefully) nearing the end, some effects have yet to reach their peak, and recovery may still take a few long years away. Perhaps one of the largest of those is the supply chain issues that you almost assuredly have already experienced.

Couple the shortage of inventory of imported automobiles over the last few years, as well as the chip shortage that has dramatically slowed the production of new vehicles, there simply is less supply for the same demand.

The best way to think about it is that a car doesn’t run unless it has all its parts. So a shortage in a couple types of parts can sideline a lot of cars.

While both issues are showing signs of a turnaround, it may take a bit of time yet for a full recovery from these.


Inflation is a fickle economic indicator. In general, things cost more during times of inflation, but the cost of particular goods is not necessarily an indicator of inflation. In looking specifically at car values, the average price of both new and used cars has gone up drastically. This would seem like decent evidence for inflation.

However, the average value of used cars around two years old has jumped by 50%, with new car values seeing half that. Time will tell whether this trend continues or if the cost of vehicles begins to drop.

The Market

Not unlike many housing markets, the used car market is a seller’s paradise. If you have been considering selling your car, either to upgrade to a newer model or to downsize your family’s fleet, now might be your best time. As always, take some time to research to see how much your used car is worth. It won’t take long to see how the value has grown over the past two years.

Buying a Car

If you are looking to upgrade to a newer model, now might not be the best time, especially if you are committed to a used vehicle. Depending on your circumstances or why you are needing a different vehicle (growing family, perhaps), you might not have a choice. In this case, there are a few things to consider. First, if you can wait and “ride out” this wave, it might prove less of a financial blow if prices come down. Second, if you can’t wait, consider buying a new car. Yes, the average cost of new cars has also increased, but nothing compared to used vehicles.

What would cause the Bubble to Stay Longer?

Well, Governors like Jay Insley of Washington state keep announcing that new vehicles will be all electric (EVs) or Hybrids. In Washington’s case, the goal is to make this shift by 2035. They infrastructure can’t handle that now, and is unlikely to in 2035.

The effect of banning sales of new, non-EV cars in a state will drive the price up on used ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars.

How Big Will the Bubble Get?

Or, how long will it take for prices to go down? No one knows. This is unlike any other time where the market is “simply” based on the ebbs and flows of the economy itself. With the external influences at play, we may see recovery within a few months, or it may take a few years. In both cases, there can be a very steep slope in both directions. We may not have seen the peak of the value of used cars. On the other hand, if the bubble bursts, we may see such a drastic drop in prices that they will fall beyond where they started.

The Five Best Car Shows 

Barrett-Jackson Auction

For many people, the release of a new model from a favorite carmaker is exciting. For others, seeing perfectly restored vintage cars brings them back to memories of their early years. In both cases, any travel or extra work needed is well worth it.

The incredible variety of car shows around the United States, as well as the world that provides nearly any kind of experience you might be looking for. These can range from seeing cars that are over forty years old but look as new as the day they rolled out of the factory, to cars that look like they are from forty years in the future.

If you are looking for just such an experience, here are five car shows that may be just what you are looking for. Being able to see the evolution of the automobile first-hand is well worth the time. 

Classic Cars–Woodward Dream Cruise

It is fitting that one of the largest car shows in the world is just miles from the American City known for auto productions. The Woodward Dream Cruise is hosted each August just outside of Detroit, in Pontiac, Michigan. Expect to see over 40,000 classic cars on display or driving down the famed Woodward Drive.

Luxury Cars–Monterey Car Week

What is often described as “the most important car show in America”, this week-long luxury event takes place among the incredible scenery of Monterey Bay in California. Not only are you able to see mint-condition vintage models from famed makers such as Ferrari and Bugatti, but this event also serves as a “test” for many concepts, years away from production. The weekends with the “Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance” that has a dress-code expectation to match the elegant name.

New Releases/Concepts – Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA)

Held in late October in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1967, it was not until recent decades that SEMA had transformed into what it is today. Automobile manufacturers realize, and attendees expect this to be the premier event for incredibly advanced concept cars, “one-offs” and custom builds. Although many of these will never make it to full production, it is the ability to see what each carmaker is capable of that draws the interest. The advancements in auto technology shown here may just be used as part of a full production model shortly. 

International–Paris Motor Show

When the Paris Motor Show is held this October, it will mark the 124th Anniversary of one of the first international auto shows. There is no ignoring the travel and cost associated with attending this event. However, if you are looking to see what is on the near horizon from automakers, this is the event to attend, and the event provides great instructions and help for international attendees. With certain trade regulations affecting what is exported/imported to various countries, many automakers have models specific to certain regions, the Paris Motor Show brings them all together. There is a definitive shift as automakers have showcased new green technologies and car-driver connectivity never seen before.

Auctions – Barrett-Jackson

Taking classic car restorations to another level, entrants into a Barrett-Jackson auction take time to perfect every detail on their car, in hopes of getting a higher bid. These auctions are held periodically throughout the year in various cities. While this is not a traditional car show, there will certainly be one-of-a-kind cars rolling across the auction block. Plus, there is the bonus of watching the exciting action that an auto auction brings.

Buy New or Used? The Difficulty of Buying a Car in 2022

Cars can be one of the biggest splurges you spend in 2022. But you might be wondering if it is worth buying a brand-new car this year or if you should save by purchasing a used car that is still relatively new. There are pros and cons to each choice, but the savings you receive from a slightly used car may make the decision for you.

It may happen to anybody at any time. The old clunker sputters to a halt by the side of the road, and you’re faced with an expensive reality: You need new wheels. While a brand-new automobile is enticing, your know-it-all buddy insists that purchasing secondhand is the better long-term investment. Here’s how to determine which is the best option for you.

Should You Buy New?

A new car comes with many safety features that will protect you from accidents and you may get your dream car if you can find it. There are different pricing plans and monthly payments to consider too. Here are some pros and cons of buying a new car.

Pros of a New Car

Take a look at these advantages of a new car.


A new car will be more reliable than an older used car, but it may also come with a warranty, which makes it a good choice. This means if anything breaks down right after you purchase it, you know it will be covered by the warranty and fixed quickly. You won’t have any concerns with how it was treated before you bought it; you will know it’s new.

It Will Come With the Latest Features

You are likely to see better gas mileage with new cars and up-to-date safety features installed in it too. This can be attractive for anyone trying to save money on gas and worried about accidents in the future.

You May Get Good Deals

Yes, buying a new car is expensive. However, carmakers and sellers want your loyalty. They can offer low monthly packages with little to no interest for the right person. This means if you value safety and efficiency, it may make sense to find the right deal and get your dream car in 2022.

Cons of Buying a New Car

Like with anything, you will find a list of drawbacks when considering buying a new car this year. Take a look at this list of pitfalls.

A More Expensive Option

Although a company may want to offer you the best deals on a new car, it will always be more expensive than a used car. Over time you will also pay much more interest.

New Cars Depreciate Quickly

The second you drive a new car off the lot, the value of your car goes way down. This can be one of the biggest pitfalls of buying a new car.

Insurance Will Be More Expensive

In many states, as a driver, you will need insurance. For a new car, your insurance may be much more expensive than if you were to buy an older used car.

Depending on the kind of car you want, you may only find brand new options available in your area. If you are focused on safety and fuel efficiency, it may be your best option to buy new. On the other hand, there are also several advantages of buying a used car, take a look.

Should You Buy Used?

There are so many reasons why buying used isn’t a bad thing. Just because you buy a used car doesn’t mean it will be a bad or low-quality car. You may also get a relatively new car that someone else didn’t want. This is an excellent choice for people looking at cars for new drivers. However, there are always pros and cons that you’ll want to know before making this investment.

Pros of a Used Car

Take a list of the advantages a driver may receive by purchasing a used car.

Lower Prices

Every penny counts, and what is nice about a used car is typically priced lower. They may be two years old, but if it’s used, it will be a much more budget-friendly price. The car’s depreciation has already happened and isn’t something you will need to worry about too much.

You Can Buy Warranties

Many people think that only new cars come with a warranty. However, that isn’t always true. You can add on an additional warranty that will help protect your new but used car.

Easier and Cheaper to Insure

A new car will require an expensive insurance plan, a used car will be more budget-friendly.

Cons of Buying a Used Car

One of the main reasons people insist on buying used cars is to save money. It is one of the best ways to save money. Unfortunately, this option has some downfalls, and here they are.

High Mileage To Start

Every used car will have had a previous owner. This means you have no control over how many miles someone else already drove it. Some vehicles will come with very high mileage, and it’s something you need to consider before purchasing.

Few Choices

When you buy a new car, you can end up with the exact one you want. On the other hand, used cars are only what is available at the time. You won’t get your personal pick; you get whatever is on the lot.

Should You Buy New or Used?

It is difficult to buy a car and make this decision, but it really depends on what you want. Before you buy a car in 2022, you need to evaluate your finances and what features are important to you. If you are focused on saving money, a used car may be your best option. If your only goal this year is to be as safe as possible, the latest car with safety features may be something you consider.

The X Factor—Secret to Getting the Best of Both worlds!

Ultimately, every single car is a good deal if it meets your priorities at a price you can afford. The best way to be certain you’re getting what you are paying for is to have it inspected prior to purchase. Know everything there is to know about the exact car you are trying to buy. Not just the reputation of the model. Not just the car history. A 200-point inspection that reveals the real picture of the safety, a real value of the car.

Sponsor Tire Kickers (

It’s okay if you still want to buy a car you discover has a problem, but at least you can go back to the dealer and ask for the price to be reduced to match the cars real value.

Of course, we’d like to recommend our sponsor do the inspection, but no matter who you get make sure to have the vehicle inspected before you buy it. Even if it’s new. Believe it or not Tire Kickers has found mechanical issues in new vehicles with less than 10 miles on the odometer.

5 Things To Test on Your Test Drive

Probably don’t try this on your next test drive…

Test-driving many automobiles is recommended before deciding on your first or next car purchase. You may usually take a brief test drive in any vehicle at a dealership. In a test drive, you’ll be able to visualize yourself in the driver’s seat of that specific vehicle. Taking a test drive may benefit both you as a consumer and the dealership.

However, if this is your first car, you may not know what you should be looking for or testing on the test drive. It’s not just learning the feel of the car or how well it drives on the road; there is a lot more to it. This is the time you will gain first-hand experience with the car, and you can make the best choice based on comfort and lifestyle. Here are a few things to keep in mind when test driving your first few cars.

Things To Consider On Your Test Drive

Before getting in the car, it is essential to look at each car thoroughly. You will need to inspect the body for any dents, scrapes, or scratches. This will be how you first pick out the vehicles to test drive.

Test The Turn Signals

As soon as you get into the car, make sure you know where the turn signals are and if they actually work. This will help you understand the car better and avoid potential trouble when testing the vehicle.

Let It Idle

When you first turn it on, leave it on for a few minutes before driving. During these few minutes, you’ll be able to tell if there is anything wrong with the engine. If it makes any abnormal noises for cars, it may be a sign there are already problems with the car. This can be especially important for anyone shopping for used vehicles.

Use Stop and Go Traffic To Your Advantage

No one likes stop-and-go traffic, but this is one of the best ways to test your potential new car. If the brakes feel clunky, you will feel it during the ride multiple times. You will need to listen to grinding or squealing that also happens during the stop-and-go traffic. Paying attention to how this car responds will be essential to making the right choice.

Take It On The Highway

You should always take it on the highways and drive it above 55 MPH to see how well it goes from slow to fast. The transition to highway speed is crucial in everyday life. You will understand if the car accelerates quickly or if it is slow to speed up. Going fast will also help you know the steering wheel better, ensuring it doesn’t pull to one side or the other.

Test Out Parallel Parking

Another good way to test out the steering wheel is to parallel park. If it is too stiff to move, you will have difficulty parking well. This test will also allow you to see how well the car shifts from reverse to drive. Understanding how efficient the car will be in the future is a huge bonus.

How To Pick The Best Fit

Once you’ve tested several cars, you will want to pick something based on your everyday driving habits. If you dislike manual transmissions, go for an automatic car. Other drivers may park a lot depending on where they work and live, so they will need to pay close attention to the steering wheel.

When you start test driving cars, it is to find the best fit for you. Buying a car that is not practical for everyday use will be the wrong choice for you. Keep in mind that you may have to test drive many cars before finding the perfect one for you.

The Best Answer

While you need to test drive a car yourself for many reasons, like personal taste and leg room, etc. If you aren’t sure you can detect mechanical issues by a 5 minute loop around the neighborhood you should contact a pre-purchase inspection service like our sponsor Tire Kickers. They will test drive it and look up the history, check under the hood and under the car. They’ll compare it to other cars of that type and establish the value based on similar cars in similar condition in your area. It’s the only way to be certain you have the information you need to make a good car buying decision.