5 Times You Need a Truck Rental


A “truck rental” can mean many things from needing an extended cab to pick up a couch you scored on Craigslist to a massive moving truck to get into your dream home across state lines. If you’ve ever been a truck owner yourself, you know to steer clear of calls from friends when you’ve caught wind that they’re moving—when space and power on wheels are necessary, everyone wants access to a truck.

Unfortunately for many, truck ownership just isn’t feasible. They don’t offer the best gas mileage for a daily commuter, they can take up way too much space for an urban dweller, and they’re not going to fit into those compact spots for those who are regulars at the mall.

However, when you need a truck, you need one that’s up for the job.

  1. When You’re Moving

Whether you want to move your entire one-bedroom condo in a big moving truck or simply take the big pieces of furniture in a king cab, a truck is a must when moving. Renting a truck and loading it as well as driving it yourself can save you a lot of money. However, also keep these moving tips in mind:

  • Pack room by room as early as possible
  • Load an emergency bin last complete with favorite tools, checkbooks, and other daily necessities
  • Consider hiring professionals to at least load the truck, then drive it yourself
  • Make sure your property is insured while en route
  1. When You Bought Furniture

Consider this: The delivery fee for a single couch could be up to $100. If you buy more furniture, you might get charged per piece. It can easily cost 25 percent of that to rent a spacious truck for the entire day. The benefits of truck rental over delivery include:

  • No being stuck at home to make the “delivery window”
  • You don’t have to add tipping into the mix
  • You can take care of a number of other tasks that require a truck the same day
  • Your furniture shopping isn’t dictated by delivery fees
  1. When You’re Going on a Weekend Warrior Adventure

You have the jet skis, the inflated tubes or the snowmobiles—but now what? It doesn’t make sense to buy a truck if you only head into the great outdoors with all your gear a few times per year. Renting a truck for the weekend gives you all the space you need for great outdoor activities like:

  • Hunting and fishing
  • ATVing or snowmobiling
  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Camping and overnight hiking

Plus, trucks can access dirt roads and rough terrain better than any commuter car. You’ll simply be in better hands behind the wheel of a truck.

  1. When You’re Headed to a Roundup

If you’ve never been to a “roundup” before—a rodeo that’s reached festival level—you’re missing out. They happen around the country and feature rodeo finals, BBQ competitions and a raucous good time. Everyone embraces their inner cowboy or cowgirl, and it’s the perfect opportunity to slip into your Wranglers, boots and a ten-gallon hat.

However, everything comes crashing down if you pull up in a Prius. Renting a truck completes the adventure, and you can finally decide which side of the fence you fall on—Ford or Chevy.

  1. When Garage Saleing or Antiquing

These are true treasure hunts and you’re never sure what you might discover—which is exactly why you need a truck. What happens if you stumble across the perfect antique secretary you’ve always wanted, but didn’t know until you saw it?

To make the most of a Saturday hitting the sales, get a truck rental just in case. It frees you up to score the deal of a lifetime.



Why Carpooling DOESN’T Suck If You’re Well Equipped


Remember what a blast you had carpooling with your soccer team or best friends in school? You got to spend some fantastic time together sharing a ride, playing some car games, and bonding before it was time for school or practice for the big game. However, somewhere along the line, adults got the idea that carpooling wasn’t that great. That’s starting to change now that we’ve fully embraced the idea of ridesharing, but we still have a way to go. It’s time to re-imagine that carpool, especially if you’re considering an office carpool to avoid parking stress and the increasing cost of gas this summer.

fuel-meter-311685_1280Working with a carpool vehicle organization can help you easily connect with fellow commuters (ongoing or one-time) who are taking a similar route as you. When you go this route, not only will you get to meet new people (without feeling like you’re stuck with them for good), but you can also enjoy the convenience of having someone else pre-service the car in some cases. Every organization has different regulations, so make sure you check the details to choose a service that works for you. Carpooling doesn’t always mean you’re going to take a turn driving and/or using your own vehicle. In many cases, you’ll simply chip in for gas and get to keep your own vehicle’s wear and tear to a minimum.

Still not convinced? Here are a few perks to carpooling as an adult you’re missing out on:

  1. Avoiding the stress of driving during rush hour. Let the driver handle that. You can kick back, chat with your carpool friends, take care of business on the go, or even nap. This is your time, and there’s no need to arrive at the office with your blood pressure already spiked.
  2. Save money. The more people in a carpool, the less everyone pays. You’ll save money not only on gas but on parking fees and the upkeep of putting more miles on your own vehicle.
  3. Enjoy good karma by being kind to the environment. It’s very unlikely that every person actually needs to drive themselves—and only themselves—to work. Lighten your carbon footprint and you’ll feel better about your commute. That good feeling will snowball into perks in other aspects of your life.
  4. Up your social game. Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to make friends as adults? Carpooling gives you an entirely new opportunity to meet people you otherwise wouldn’t. In some situations, there might be different folks in every carpool so every commute is unique. You might make new friends and not “waste” any time doing so. Either way, you need to commute, so why not widen your social circle in the process?
  5. Save time. Do you spend too many minutes looking for a parking space? Carpooling can drop you off right at the entrance so you’ll save some of the most precious commodity of all.

Challenge yourself to give carpooling a chance at least once a week and see what a difference it can make.