Just for Fun 33

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Interiors for Lovers of Cars

You can find many different pieces of furniture designed for car lovers such as pool tables, a bubble chair with Herbie’s iconic 53 on it, even impressive watch winders, supercar desks and so on. If you can’t afford the car itself maybe you can afford a car bed? It is after all the next best thing.

A coffee table made of crushed up car parts or car engines may be taking your hobby too far. After all, you might just become sick of cars if you can’t escape them anywhere. They do look seriously weird.

If you want some way to display your books why not have a cabinet which looks like a car driven up the wall? Where exactly they get these ideas from is not known and you might just wonder how popular these ideas are, they look fairly bespoke. Still they have their own websites so people must be buying them.

A refrigerator is also shown. Okay, it’s the right shape for a fridge but it does include the badges and colors of various vehicles; like the VW for instance. Just a novelty fridge, really.

If you can’t afford the hassle of changing your own interior why not take time out at a location where the interior has been changed for you, such as a hotel? It’s certainly a lot less life changing and you might even find ideas you can adapt for your own pad.

The V8 Hotel in the Motorworld Region of Stuttgart is an excellent place for people to visit who are fans of racing cars as well as other car related activities such as running a garage or the actual mechanics of a vehicle. The property used to be an Art Deco designed airport and you can still see the blueprint of that in the current hotel.

The concepts of room include “Mercedes-Benz car wash” and “Cadillac drive-in cinema.” On display in the hallway are various classic and retro cars. You can even watch cars being repaired through a glass wall.

Some of the concepts don’t look very appealing – Would you like to stay in a room with corrugated iron walls or a metallic hood at the foot of the bed? Well, yes it seems that a number of people would. As you can see the design of the room online it’s not that much of a shock when you check-in, except maybe to your significant other. The Wild West room might be a bit tricky to explain though, what’s that got to do with cars? Manly pursuits are probably the key theme.

If your partner doesn’t want to stay in a room that looks like the set of the movie Grease compromise might be a car and spa weekend. For the husband, a driving experience while the reward for his log-suffering wife is a massage. It’s not clear who gets the best deal here? At least it keeps money in circulation.

Car thoughts from those with something to say.

“I replaced the headlamps in my car with strobe lights so it looks like I’m the only one moving” – Steven Wright.

A car is inspirational, but to continue to sell a car driving on the open road can be quite dull. So you need to look into how people treat their car and maybe see how they treat other people as a result, as everything relates to everything else.

It can be seen that the car is the source of a great deal of humor. This is understandable; it is something that most people can relate to. You have that quote from Steven Wright above and also here’s another one from Mitch Hedberg.

“I can look at any car’s headlights and tell you which way it’s going.”

Sometimes people are confused about our attachment with cars and how far it goes.

“I’ve always been into cars. Cars are part of our genetic makeup. It’s unavoidable.” – Matthew Fox.

The love of cars might be thought of some meme that once we get into our head is hard to get back out again. To say that we have something in our chromosomes that links us to cars might be going too far?

How does men’s obsession with cars effect how women see them? Here’s a quote from Rita Rudner.

“To attract men, I wear this cologne called ‘New Car Interior.’”

How exactly you maintain your cars might tell you what kind of person you are, according to those in the know.

“If you own a home with wheels on it and several cars without, it’s just possible you might be a redneck.” – Jeff Foxworthy.

Some people have thoughts that the car has become our personal shell protecting us from the bad stuff in the world:

“The car has become the carapace, the protective and aggressive shell of both urban and suburban man.” – Marshall McLuhan.

It can be scary the stuff people let slip about how they drive their cars.

“I would never kill a living thing, although I probably have inadvertently while driving automobiles.” – Captain Beefheart.

Please note the quotes above have been changed slightly so that they have their own originality. A note to who the people are.

Steven Wright (b 1955) is an American comic, actor and producer known for his one-liners.

Mitch Hedberg  (1968-2005) is also an American comic famed for his surreal humor.

Matthew Fox (b 1966) is an American actor most well-known for his part in Lost (2004-2010)

Rita Rudner (b  1953) is an American comedienne who started her career in New York.

Jeff Foxworthy (b 1958) is American comedian, radio personality and author.

Marshall McLuhan, born Herbert Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980) was a Canadian philosopher and author with an interest in mass media.

Captain Beefheart was the stage name of Don Glen Vliet (1941-2010) a singer, instrumentalist and painter, who collaborated with Frank Zappa, amongst others.

To finish, here is another quote from Steven Wright.

“I have a quantum car. Every time I look at its speedometer I get lost.”