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If you’re waiting for a sign, here it is. Get your car inspected before you buy so you don’t overpay. TireKickers!

Until now, you didn’t know that getting a car inspection before buying will keep you from buying an unsafe car. Now you do. Tire Kickers come to you.

Tire Kickers: Sponsors of Northwest Battle Buddies

Northwest Battle Buddies of Battle Ground Washington (http://www.northwestbattlebuddies.org/ ) trains service dogs for veterans with PTSD. What sets them apart from other trainers is that they provide the dog at no cost to the veteran.

If you’ve been following any of Tire Kickers blogs or social media just ahead of Christmas you couldn’t miss the clothing/textile drive for Northwest Battle Buddies. The drive was a huge success and we had a lot of fun. We’re proud to report that Northwest battle buddies has garnered the attention of UPS who has produced a great video. Follow the link to see the video.


Tire Kickers is proud to partner with charities like Northwest Battle Buddies to benefit veterans. Stay tuned to learn about upcoming charity events we take part in.

Tire Kickers is also proudly supporting two other charities. One being Union Gospel Mission of Portland, who have benefited from clothing, shoes, and coats donated to a Tire Kicker drive. Please consider those who need assistance this winter. https://ugmportland.org/

Another charity Tire Kickers is proud to partner with is Dream Big. At Dream Big Community Center young people receive encouragement to aim higher. Many young people don’t realize the limitations they place on themselves simply by deciding something is not attainable for them. To learn more about Dream Big check out their website. http://dreambigcc.org/

Tire Kickers: The plan to train and employ 18,000 returning veterans

  1. In the ten years since the US entered Iraq 2.5 million service men and woman have been deployed to the Middle East, many were deployed multiple times (400,000 of which have served three or more tours)1. 1.6 million of these military personnel have transitioned back to civilian life, but the transition is not always a smooth one.Tire Kickers is Veteran owned and employs returning veterans as inspectors, but can they do more? The answer is yes. Currently, 40% of Tire Kickers inspectors are veterans and they intend increase that percentage to 80% as Tire Kickers goes nationwide.

    The Demand:

    With 43 million used cars sold each year in the US, and a single inspector able to inspect six to eight cars a day, the total demand for inspectors is over 20,600. Realistically, Tire Kickers might not inspect all of the cars for sale, but based on the 80% response at Hackomotive 2014, Tire Kickers feels they could need over 16,500 inspectors.

    In order to fill those positions with veterans, Tire Kickers has developed a 40 hour training course which it plans to offer to veterans at cost. This training prepares an inspector to standards much higher than standard mechanical certification. If Tire Kickers can secure a government grant to offset those training costs for veterans, training could be free.

    Lobbying for the cause:

    Tire Kickers is actively writing state governments across America to encourage them to get on board with us. If all 50 states required third party inspection the training received at Tire Kickers could employ a full 20,000 veterans at a better than living wage. Car inspection also has built in opportunities for partially disabled veterans such as the ability to work part time or set their own schedule.

    The thing about Tire Kickers is that they don’t have to personally employ every auto inspector in America in order to throw themselves into making this happen. They are so passionate about creating a world in which every vehicle rolling down the road has been safety checked, every auto buyer pays what a vehicle is really worth based on current condition, and as many transitioning veterans have employment that they are willing to virtually create this industry from the ground up.

    Can Tire Kickers get 20,000 veterans better than living wage careers? I wouldn’t bet against them.

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Tire Kickers at Hackomotive

  1. Every year Edmonds.com sponsors Hackomotive, an event where auto industry innovators compete before a live audience of industry professionals and investors. Think “Shark Tank” of the automotive industry. In Hackomotive 2014, Tire Kickers competed in a tight field of outside the box thinkers, and won the hearts of the test audience (32 of whom were ready to buy a car) assembled by Edmonds. See plate below.

    Hackomotive scores

    After seeing the presentation by the Tire Kickers team, 80% of the test audience said they would use Tire Kickers before purchasing a used car. That means, based on the 43 million1 used cars that were sold in the US in 2014, demand for a Tire Kickers inspection is 34.4 million cars.

    Tire Kickers is very proud of their performance at Hackomotive 2014 and excited by the opportunity to change how cars are bought and sold.

    Look for more articles that detail how Tire Kickers will revolutionize the car industry coming soon to The Kicker.


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    2. http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0055-buying-used-cars

Tire Kicker Issue #1 Interview with Jay Ackerland

 The Kicker is a monthly, free-of-charge, newsletter dedicated to informing the public about vehicle safety.

Now you don’t have to be an expert to have confidence in your car buying choice.

Welcome to The Kicker
Issue #1
Welcome to “The Kicker,” a vehicle owner’s newsletter sponsored by Tire Kickers, the premier independent 3rd party inspection service. If you own something with two, three, or four wheels and a motor read on to learn important information you’ll find interesting. The Kicker comes to you monthly free of charge and chock full of information on the topics of interest to anyone who likes, owns, or operates a vehicle. The Kicker is fully compliant with Can Spam standards and if at any time you decide you’re not interested you’ll find an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each issue.

What’s ahead in this issue?
1) This one little known fact about your vehicle could cost you thousands, or worse!
2) In The Spotlight: An Interview with the owner of Tire Kickers
3) 1 minute habit that could save a life
4) Impaired Driving: More impaired than you might think


Now you don’t have to be an expert to have confidence in your car buying choice.

In honor of our sponsor, this month’s featured automotive advance is independent car inspection. We’ve interviewed Tire Kickers founder, Jay Ackerland, about the car inspection business.

Jay, why would someone need a car inspection? What do you mean by saying Independent and 3rd party?

Independent means that we aren’t secretly owned by another automotive interest. 3rd party means we don’t buy cars, we don’t sell cars, we don’t fix cars. And that sets us apart from nearly everybody else who’s going to inspect your vehicle.

What makes your inspectors special?

All of our inspectors are required to attend our rigorous 40 hour training course, as well as on-the-job training and continuing education seminars. Our training course was designed by a former U.S. Air Force mechanic with military standards as the model. We are proud to train and employ our returning veterans because we know that they will follow the inspection to a tee, every time. We train our inspectors to treat the inspection like their own family would be riding in the vehicle.

Roughly what percentage of cars your company inspects ends up having a problem? 

Nearly every vehicle we inspect has some sort of minor cosmetic damage, but this is not our focus. Our focus is on finding unsafe equipment. In our experience, nearly half of the vehicles we inspect have issues with tire safety. Because the tire industry is under-regulated in our country, we find new vehicles with old tires all the time. It’s important to remember that just because a tire has enough tread doesn’t mean the tire is safe.

Entrepreneurs are always passionate about their companies, but you seem almost fanatical about establishing car safety and accurate value. What drives you?

Our biggest focus is on improving the safety for everyone on the road, whether we inspect their vehicle or not. I want to be able to drive down the road and not wonder whether or not the car next to me has 10 year old tires that are much more likely to have a catastrophic failure. From the beginning, Tire Kickers has been about helping people protect their families. As we expanded our services we have come to help protect our customer’s investments by providing a fair value for the vehicles we inspect. This value, of course, is most heavily weighted by the safety aspects of the vehicle.

Thank you for your time Jay, it was great to get to know more about what Tire Kickers stands for.

Thank you, the more people who are aware of our mission of safer streets the better!

Link to next Article: 1 minute habit that could save a life

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of The Kicker. Be sure to check out our sponsor’s website and social media at the links below for up to the minute information on vehicle safety and value, and occasional special offers.

PS If the company you work for offers benefits have your HR department contact Tire Kickers to negotiate a special rate for you and your fellow employees.

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Phone: 360-984-5960
Email: info@tirekickers.biz
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The Inspection Process

The process begins once the request has been received through our website or customer service center.  Once we have the location of the vehicle, a certified Tire Kickers inspector is immediately dispatched to perform the inspection. The inspection begins with the collection of some general information such as the year, manufacturer, model VIN number and mileage.  This information is vital when establishing value.  It also allows us to verify that the information collected is accurate.  Throughout the inspection you may notice our inspector taking pictures.  This is done to provide any visual evidence that may arise.

The evaluation of the overall safety of the vehicle is the next step.  During this phase of the inspection a series of items such as headlights, turn signals, glass, and most importantly tires are evaluated.  If the vehicle fails this section of the inspection, the interested buyer is advised and asked if they want to proceed.  If they elect to proceed then the inspection moves onto the next section.  If however, they decide that based on the results of the safety inspection that they are no longer interested in pursuing the purchase of the vehicle, they will receive a refund in the amount of the difference of the inspection ordered and the one performed.

Once the safety portion of the inspection has been completed, the inspector will begin the next phase which evaluates the overall condition of the exterior of the vehicle.  It’s during this stage where paint flaws and dents as well as any other conditions that may be present are noted.

Once the exterior has been inspected we move into the interior.  The interior inspection checks all the options, electronics, climate controls and gauges to make sure they are functioning correctly.  The condition of the seats, carpet and dashboard are also evaluated.

The final phase of the inspection involves the test drive of the automobile by one of our highly trained inspectors.  This one of the most critical components of the whole inspection.  It is during this phase that breaking, acceleration and overall engine performance is evaluated and scored.

By the time this phase has been completed we have now invested about an hour into the evaluation of your next automobile.  While the inspection may appear complete it is far from over.  The inspector now remotely sends his findings and photos into our processing facility.  Once there one of our processors use highly sophisticated algorithms to analyze the data accumulated over the course of the inspection.  The results give us the information necessary to establish a fair market value. Upon completion all the data and photos are compiled into a Tire Kickers report.  For your convenience and upon your request, additional copies of this report can also be emailed to your lender and insurance agent.

Your Tire Kickers report will help you determine if this vehicle still meets your needs.  It will give you leverage to better negotiate with the dealer on price.  But most importantly, it will give you peace of mind.