The Lamborghini Supercar

The Lamborghini is an established supercar designer and as such it can afford to take a few risks. How else could you explain the strange shapes like the Y shape and the hexagon shape-but what does it all mean?

What makes the design of the Lamborghini such a strong aesthetic?

It must be about obtaining lines which are as clear as possible and surfaces with sheen, or as their own website describes it “pure surfaces” working from sketches, turning into models to scale until finally reaching the finished car.


The design of the Huracan is based on hexagon shaped clouds near the North Pole. If you didn’t know there were hexagon shaped clouds near the North Pole, you aren’t the only one. Lambo designers crammed in so many parts with the six-sided designs, the grilles, the air condition vents, even the rear-view camera. The whole thing is slightly reminiscent of a flattened hexagon.

The launch control has been marketed with the name of Thrust Mode, which is a bit Freudian, and could be a clue to who they’re marketing to. Regardless, it reaches 60mph in 3 seconds.

The Huracan has a slim line of lights under its bonnet. The Gallardo’s lights are square whilst the Aventador has the shape of Ys on its side.


The Sian had a limited run, but it had the distinction of being the first hybrid. A couple of commenters believed the twelve-cylinder engines were a little bit too much as if it was “showing off” but at least these cylinders had been reinvented in order to deride extra power. Could you be paying for the titanium valves too? It makes the Sian reach 0-60 in 2.8 seconds.

The Huracan will be with us for a long time as it won’t be replaced until 2024 and there won’t be a Hybrid Urus until 2022.

The Millenio combines the elements of the fastest sports car with the electric car concept. As with many Lamborghinis it all comes with increasing the aerodynamics.

Less Successful Attempts:

Some cars however aren’t as successful. Take the Asterion. It was planned as a hybrid with a V10 and its bodywork had a lot curves. The upholstery was Ivory colored and it boasted more storage space than its competitors.


It seems a shame that an iconic car didn’t enter production. Customers liked hybrid cars, true, but not if it didn’t improve the performance (meaning the speed) of the cars. According to an announcement by the Lamborghini’s CEO the speed wasn’t improved, which sounds strange to announce something before a piece of vital research has been carried out, but that’s the motor business for you.

Other Crazy Innovations:

It is not only cars which sell to the public that show uniqueness in the Lamborghini’s range.

The racing cars are designed to split in two parts in the event of a crash. The reason for this is that it prevents a fire risk. You might be shocked to see a bashed up half-car but this is the best way of operating. After the crash it is not welded together again it is picked up by a tow-truck and scrapped, which is probably just as well.

It is all these concepts and developments which make it a supercar. How long can it compete against the other premium sports vehicles? We can only wait and see.