What’s News: New ‘Vette unveiled, but radical new look

Chevy released the new design of Corvette for public display but it’s the biggest shift we’ve ever seen in Corvette design.

As hinted at earlier this year, Chevy’s moved to a mid-engine design allowing the hood to go lower. This will give better handling but also completely changes the traditional profile of what Americans think of as an iconic American sports car.

Will Americans embrace a radical new look if it brings better performance? Perhaps, but sadly the look isn’t really new. It’s common for high end European sports cars and this may not be a great year to make that specific switch to the US buyers. Time will tell.

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What’s News: Elon Deletes tweet…

  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk had harsh criticism of ousted Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard over the weekend.
  • In a now-deleted tweet, Musk said “Tesla is alive in spite of Eberhard, but he seeks credit constantly & fools give it him.”
  • The billionaire also tweeted that he had deleted his Twitter account (which was not true as of Monday morning), and received criticism for comments about the necessity of crediting artists for their work.

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What’s News: VW cheated?

Porsche has just announced it will not appeal a penalty imposed upon it by the Stuttgart Prosecutor’s Office for violating the German Act on Regulatory Offenses. In other words, Porsche has agreed to pay a penalty following an investigation regarding its role in fitting vehicles with diesel engines. Dieselgate is still haunting VW Group brands. Porsche will now pay a total of €535 Euros, or $599 million according to the latest conversion rates, for negligent breach beginning in 2009 for failure to follow regulatory requirements in exhaust gas-related testing.

Parent company Volkswagen Group knew a heavy fine was coming and therefore began setting aside the money. Porsche says it will take the financial impact of this fine into account when it reports its second-quarter earnings.

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What’s News: Ford fuel economy lawsuit brewing

Last December, Ford announced its all-new 2019 Ranger was “the most fuel-efficient gas-powered midsize pickup in America.” The EPA rated the reborn Ranger at 21/26/23 mpg city/highway/combined. Prefer the 4×4 variant? You’re looking at 20/24/22 mpg. Not bad at all. Unfortunately, those figures could be inaccurate.

Automotive News reports that a new lawsuit seeking class-action status has just been filed that accuses Ford of customer deception regarding the new Ranger’s fuel economy ratings, as well as a few other vehicles. This information came to light following the already announced criminal investigation into Ford’s emissions certification process. The very same firm that led class-action suits against Toyota for unintended acceleration and Volkswagen for on diesel emissions, Hagens Berman, just filed a complaint alleging Ford “deliberately miscalculated and misrepresented factors used in vehicle certification testing.”

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What’s News: F2 will switch to 18” tires in 2020

Formula 2 is to switch to 18-inch tyres next year in a move that will help Pirelli get a season of racing experience under its belt before F1 follows suit in 2021.

As part of Liberty Media’s vision for a big overhaul of F1 from 2021, one of the changes that has been set in stone is a shift to 18-inch rubber.

But in a surprise move announced ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix, it has been decided that F2 will have the different-sized wheels a year in advance of F1.

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What’s News: Mazda challenges all comers

According to the March 2019 fiscal year results report, Mazda is apparently developing an all-new straight-six engine with Skyactiv-Xtechnology, joining BMW, Mercedes, and Jaguar with renewed commitment to the best engine you can put in a car, and making Toyota look a little silly.

In this presentation titled Fiscal Year 2019 March Results on Mazda’s investor website, page 25 details some future product plans for the company going forward, including expanding on its fantastic Kodo design language, developing a mild-hybrid system and its own electric vehicle technology, and then seemingly out of nowhere casually lists a Skyactiv-X straight-six, as well as a Skyactiv-D straight-six diesel.

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What’s news: Rideshare strike?

Drivers of ride-hailing platforms Uber, Lyft and Juno are set to strike Wednesday across several major cities, just before Uber is expected to go public this week in one of the biggest ever IPOs. At issue is drivers’ wages and working conditions. “With the IPO, Uber’s corporate owners are set to make billions, all while drivers are left in poverty and go bankrupt,” said Bhairavi Desai, Executive Director at New York Taxi Workers Alliance. Drivers groups around the worldalso plan to join the strike