Car Hacks (Vlog 21): Smells part 2b

Well, this post is a little late. I confess it should have posted yesterday. We had a collaborative miscommunication combined with crazy schedules. But things are back on track.

Today Mike revisits car smells. We’ve actually addressed smells a few times, LOL, because it’s an issue that comes up (or should I say, comes out) often.

We’ve covered:

Now, Mike is going to cover, head on, the biggest source of smells in a car…your passengers.

Car Hack Series (Part 4): Sun Shades

If you live where it’s sunny, and many of us do, then you have a particular automotive problem. Our car hacker/Vlog guy, Mike (Big Weasel) has some advice for you.

On an unrelated topic: News for those who live in Oregon State! You’ve become the latest state to upgrade your distracted driving laws to just short of capital punishment. So please be aware and be careful. It is now illegal for you to operate a phone or other device unless it is hands-free and operated with only a finger swipe.

On another topic and a very sad one, our hearts go out to the victims of the shooting in Vegas. We are truly saddened by the tragedy and while our empathy may do little to help, we offer what we can.

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