Two VWs You’ll Love


In the market for a new CC Volkswagen? The ultimate in comfort and luxury, the CC provides a spacious cabin, that staple German engineering under the hood and the sleek lines that make every trip from the morning commute to the grocery store run memorable. Choose from the Sport, R-Line, Executive or VR6 Executive 4Motion and even customize your CC so that it perfectly suits you and your needs. With an MSRP starting at around $31,000, this is one model that fits neatly into any budget. Plus, drivers get up to 31 city miles and 32 highway miles, making the CC an optimal choice for commuters.

Trim options include 17- or 18-inch alloy wheels, clearcoat paint and body-colored bumpers on all models. Get the exact features you want at Strong VW, Salt Lake City’s leader for all things Volkswagen. Front fog lamps, cornering light and LED brake lights ensure that you and your ride are a real show stopper. However, you know what they say: It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Heatable front seats and leather or “leatherette” fabric extends the luxury to the cabin. Enjoy a 6-way power drive seat with manual tilt/telescope steering for the utmost in comfort. Power rear windows, a compass, and valet function sweeten things up even more. Add in a driver footrest for those epic road trips, leather or leatherette steering wheel and shift knob, and plenty of cargo space and you’ve got the makings for sheer luxury in your garage.


EOS About Time

Designed for the sports lover, the Eos is a sport compact that’s been a favorite since it rolled off the assembly line in 2006. Complete with a retractable hardtop roof, this convertible came on the heels of the Golf Cabriolet and quickly won the hearts of VW lovers. Dubbed Eos, the Greek goddess of dawn, nothing beats a sunrise or sunset drive through a gorgeous Utah national park with the top down. The MSRP starts at just above $35,000, making this a cost-effective sport option for just about anyone in Salt Lake City.

The seamless roof design is the first thing that catches many eyes, with an independent sliding sunroof. The Eos is the only vehicle of its kind, from any manufacturer, that offers such a retractable feature. It slides effortlessly into the trunk space in just 25 seconds, but there’s still plenty of cargo space to spare. With the top down, the trunk goes from 10.6 to a still spacious 6.6 cubic feet. With a roof design compliments of OASys, another German company, drivers rest easy knowing German engineering is still intact.

Featured as a concept car in 2004 at the Geneva Motor Show, it got the buzz going early. Opt for the White Knight special edition to enjoy custom wheels, a black and white color scheme with a Candy White body, and customized black interiors. A Climatronic control system, sports chassis that lowers the body and cozy heated front seats make for a perfect blend of luxury and sportiness. The latest models boast options for V6 engines.

What has Volkswagen been up to Since the Beetle and the Van?


In 2018 we ran a series on mustangs. People loved the focus on a classic, even iconic, American sports car. Well, welcome to our new series. This time we’re going foreign, but sticking with the iconic angle. In this first installment, we’re starting with VW’s follow up to the popular bug and van.

The Golf has been available since 1974, when it released on the tail end of the classic Beetle’s and van’s popularity. It was a welcome change that grown-up flower children took to right away, and the appeal has stuck for 40 years.

Australians Love the Golf

Australia’s CarsGuide has a history of naming Volkswagens “Car of the Year” and that include the Golf. It’s been called “the hatchback Rolls Royce would make” by judges.

Volkswagen has had plenty of time to perfect the sleek, powerful, yet accessible and affordable Golf. There have been 30 million Golfs sold since 1974, which include 150,000 in Australia.


Playing Favorites

Aussies aren’t the only ones who play favorites with the Golf. It’s been Volkswagen’s best-selling machine for years with about 16,000 sold annually. Squarely in the Top 10 for most popular cars overall, it just keeps racking up the awards—and sales. Specifically, it was the Golf TSI Comfortline complete with DSG transmission that caught the eyes of the judges. With a $27,450 sticker price, it left nine other budget-friendly “competitors” in the dust.

According to the judges, “never has a ‘small’ car so seamlessly combined the verities of a suburban family vehicle and a long-distance tourer.” They point to the 1.4-liter turbo engine as marrying economical and amiable standards. Originally designed to take the place of the beloved Beetle, Volkswagen learned that there was plenty of room for two in their lineup. The Beetle is, of course, back in full force and has been new and improved for years, but Golf lovers have clearly staked their claim and proudly drive what’s considered the best car—period.

Dashed Dreams

There were murmurings that the Mazda6 diesel Touring Wagon would end up taking home the gold, but Mazda was left firmly in second place. The runner up is described as a “luxurious” family wagon and the three misguided judges who didn’t vote for the Golf adorned praises on Mazda’s creation. However, with a price tag of nearly $42,000, it was almost $14,000 more than the Golf and when it came down to it, the judges found it wasn’t worth the price

Now, a $40,000+ Golf would be worth a second (or even tenth) look. Imagine what the auto giant could do it they opted to offer a Golf with that kind of price tag; doubtless, luxury would abound. However, ever mindful of their customers’ desires for both economy and luxury, it’s a good thing the Golf has always remained affordable for all. Everyone deserves the best in German engineering and a lounge on wheels, whether for their weekend warrior escapades or simply for their drive through the espresso stand en route to the office.