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Tire Kickers

*The Kicker Blog is generously sponsored by Tire Kickers.

 Tire Kickers doesn’t buy, sell, fix or finance vehicles!

…yet they’re making it easier to buy a safe vehicle at a fair price.

Tire Kickers doesn’t recommend that you buy a vehicle, or that you don’t. They save you time and money by verifying the current safety and value of a vehicle.

Tire Kickers does independent vehicle inspections. Order a safety or signature inspection and Tire Kickers will travel to a vehicle and inspect it. Your report will give you what you need to make an informed decision. They work for you. They have no motive to skew a report in a any direction–zero!

Other reasons you might want an inspection:

  • Own a car? Have it inspected annually to nip problems in the bud.
  • Taking a road trip? Schedule an inspection to reduce your chances of being stranded in a bad place and time.
  • Selling a vehicle? Back up the value of your vehicle with independent current condition verification.
  • Tire Kickers can even help you find the right car, or purchase an extended service contract. Just click the links for more details.



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